Dark Waters (2010)

Director : Andrew Gale

Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Leonora Moore as Josey, Stephen Giles as Tiger, Richie Nolan as Matt, Andrew Welsh as Cormac, Jennifer Moylan-Taylor as Cat, John Millman as Gaz, Ally Goodman as Rob, Owen Dawson as Mike, Robert Bellis as Johnno, Dafydd Brooks as Niall

Plot : A small man, prior to now engaged as more than a month, income to his little Welsh town. What he finds is a globe that’s altered away from his reckonings.

Run Time : 76 min

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales, UK

Company : Dogsdinner Productions

Plot Summary : A little man, Niall, hitherto omitted given that way over a month, revenue to his minute Welsh town. What he finds is a planet that’s transformed clear of his reckonings. His lover is without sensation plus inside the grave, his mature friends weigh up him as well as inkling plus contempt. Only his companion Rob gives the impression ready to give assistance to him crack the puzzler of his omitted 28 days. Through flashbacks we witness snapshots of more contented times, plus of his girlfriend, Josey’s inexorable worm into antidote addiction. Cormac is the local antidote lord, concentrating on gaining Josey his own. A terminal mix up of conclusion is responsible for given that her death. Niall, on a nervous nighttime out as well as his friends, comes in the flesh as well as Cormac plus his gang inside a bar. What follows is nighttime of dismay that reveals the harmful the end story on the question of Niall’s omitted weeks.

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