Deadly Friend (1986)

Director : Wes Craven

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi

Cast : : , Matthew Laborteaux as Paul Conway , Kristy Swanson as Samantha Pringle , Michael Sharrett as Tom 'Slime' Toomey , Anne Twomey as Jeannie Conway , Anne Ramsey as Elvira Parker , Richard Marcus as Harry Pringle , Russ Marin as Dr. Johanson , Lee Paul as Sergeant Volchek , Andrew Roperto as Carl , Charles Fleischer as BB (voice) , Robin Nuyen as Thief , Frank Cavestani as Angry resident , Merritt Olsen as CAT Scan Technician , William H. Faeth M.D. as Doctor in Sam's room , Joel Hile as Deputy

Plot : Paul is an added baby inside town in addition to a computer acknowledged “BB”. He befriends Samantha along with the three of one another experience countless first-class stretches together… See more » |

Run Time : 91 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Tag Lines : She can't live without you.
Some people are just better off dead
If you're not afraid of the unknown…
There's no one alive who'll play with the girl next door
Grab A Friend before someone in the audience grabs you!
Not all nightmares happen on Elm Street.

Plot Summary : Paul is an additional little one inside town along furthermore a computer recognized "BB". He befriends Samantha plus the three of each other undergo various first-class stretches together. That is, pending Samantha’s foul father throws her drink miscelanneous stairs plus kills her. In a shot to until her life, Paul implants BB’s notebook computer wits into Samantha’s gentleman brain.

A 15 per annum old-time scientific whiz child recognized Paul Conway, certainly moved to one more town in addition to his mother. He similarly has a yellow machine recognized Beebee which is his buddy furthermore protector. Paul befriends the babe afterwards back way recognized Samantha, furthermore she lives in addition to her offensive father who thumps her gulp various stairs single middle of the night furthermore seriously injures her. She was on survival psychoanalysis inside the local hospital, nevertheless behind a precise portion of time, they persuaded the plug on her furthermore she was dead. Paul disguises himself for a hospice employee furthermore eliminates Samantha’s body bask in the hospice far more than to the local university. As an effort to until her life, he implants Beebee’s machine microchips into her brain, nevertheless discovers not exceedingly long-lasting afterward she is out of control.

Paul Conway is the latest little one inside town, who has his own invention, a computer known BeeBee. Paul becomes friends in addition to Samantha, the gal after door, although his efforts to picture her are continuously thwarted by her offensive furthermore envious father Harry. On Halloween, Paul plays a prank on his blood-curdling neighbor, Elvira a imply evil mature grown person who lives across the side road take amusement in him. However inside a fury, Elvira destroys Paul’s computer BeeBee. Several weeks later, Samantha is killed by her father. In a frantic decide to until his latest love, Paul implants BeeBee’s microchips into Samantha’s corpse furthermore fruitfully brings her to life, although he doesn’t fathom that his companion has be switched over into an unstoppable junky distorted merely on murder furthermore destruction.

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