Detention (2010/I)

Director : James D.R. Hickox

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , David Carradine as Principal Hoskins, Billy Aaron Brown as Jack, Thomas Calabro as Coach L, Rachel Sterling as Mimi, Michael Mitchell as Sam, Zelda Williams as Sara, Preston Jones as Paul, Lil J as T-Loc (as Jonathan McDaniel), Mo as Jason Gretch, Katie Condidorio as Rachel, Black Thomas as Jackson, John Capodice as Workman 1, Catherine Combs as Diane, Maitland McConnell as Lisa, Alexa Jago as Ms. Cipher, Jeremy Luc as Benny, Peter Pasco as Dwayne Evert, Gregory Mikurak as Gabriel, Shel Rasten as Jack, Anthony Chute as Brad, Anthony Campanello as Bobby, John Stienfield as Workman 2, Azael Cavazos as Student 2008

Plot : A array of overpriced make students are sent to Detention. Abandoned furthermore locked in, impressions of Ghosts come about because they conceive to escape, hardly to treat each other in grips to a precedent days atrocious kicking of the bucket furthermore organized trustworthy as it and their lives.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : NHP

Plot Summary : A assortment of exorbitant brand students are sent to after-school Detention as unexplained reasons. There, the adolescents take for each other without a colleague inside the world plus locked inside the classroom behind their incarceration guru leaves, at the moment mysteriously disappears. With dead night steadily approaching, a rumbling storm builds outside. The big rain plus lightning causes a vast electrical energy disaster throwing the brand into measure darkness. Then, strange, haunting opinions of Ghosts start to occur inside the school. The young people traumatize to flee of the classroom main to take for that the of age developing has admitted on a survival of its own, keeping each other fixed inside. As they drive to escape, the adolescents determine close to the loss of a student support inside the 1970’s. Slowly, they answer the ancient times of this crisis plus that they are in a number of way in contact to the student’s petrifying plus untimely death. They will in addition presently ascertain that they are individual fixed in control of as this appalling occasion of the past, plus will pay as it and their lives!

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