Fetish Dolls Die Laughing (2012)

Genres : Horror

Do you remember, since a child, while your parents taunt you in addition to the Tickle Monster?  It turns out that he’s supplementary actual (and also supplementary malevolent) than you may perhaps pass through eternally imagined! With seedy photographer Billy Tagg (Michael McGovern) lending a (helping) hand to since the older entity’s most up-to-date vessel, the Tickle Monster torments his thoroughfare completed a list of Billy’s gorgeous slavery babes – till realistic homicide emissary Greer English (Laura Romeo) catches bend of it. Now, the button-down emissary must go away undercover inside a universe where abnormal also ominous fantasies mess around out through the infobahn since the entire universe to see. Can Greer bring to a halt the Tickle Monster’s reign of dread or will she transform the most up-to-date fetish doll to pass on laughing?

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