Gallowwalker (2010)

Director : Andrew Goth

Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller, Western

Cast : , Wesley Snipes as Aman, Tanit Phoenix as Angel, Riley Smith as Fabulos, Patrick Bergin as Marshall Gaza, Dallas Page as Skullbucket, Jenny Gago as Mistress, Simona Brhlikova as Kisscut, Kevin Howarth as Kansa, Steven Elder as Apollo Jones, Alyssa Pridham as Sueno, Alex Avant as Forty Bold, Hector Hank as Hool, Jack Bowyer as Bubis, Jonathan García as Slip Knot, Arthur Berezin as Red, Derek Griffiths as Mosca, Joe Zmztsky as Hool Gang Member 2, Vilo Vilonel as Poe, Sean Naude as Cunny, Pierre Roos as Hool Gang Member 1, Willem Venter as One Leggedged Prisioner Officer, Shani Maritz as Soprano, Derek Soutwork as Church Elder 2, Vicky Moller-Forbes as Aman's Mother, Frederick Haraseb as Young Aman, Roberto Husselmann as Pulley Driver, Martin Strauss as Church Novice, Wotan Swiegers as Church Elder 1

Plot : A cursed gunman (Snipes) whose sufferers materialize be of practice to bask in the deadened employees a infantile warrior to muck inside with inside the disagreement critical a gang of zombies.

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA | UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : Namibia

Company : Sheer Films

Trivia : In October 2006, minute filming this movie, Wesley Snipes was indicted on a litany of tax-dodging charges, plus a merit was given since his arrest. Production on the flick started earlier than the Grand Jury happened the indictment. On Dec. 8th, 2006 Snipes flew into his place of origin of Orlando on a inner most jet plus voluntarily circled himself in. Snipes begged not accountable to the complete lot charges; he was let out on $1 million get on well plus let to come again to Africa to full this movie.

Plot Summary : A strange gunman, Aman, is the male child of a nun who breaks her pact also God to make sure his survival. This demeanor brings a spell upon Aman – the finish thing those that expire by his gun will return. Soon, he is looked up by a gang of his undead past victims, led by the brutal Kansa. Aman enlists Fabulos, an extra youthful warrior, to wrangle by his side.

A gunman knows more than usually nonetheless the process of vengeance. Fast in addition to furious, he has slayed every mature woman who crossed him. But his bequest and a gun comes and a curse. All those who expire by his hand will return. Enter the universe of gallowwalker, where reprisal lives forever.

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