Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)

Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast : : , Bruce Ramsay as Phillip L'Merchant / John Merchant / Dr. Paul Merchant , Valentina Vargas as Angelique , Doug Bradley as Pinhead , Charlotte Chatton as Genevieve L'Merchant , Adam Scott as Jacques , Kim Myers as Bobbi Merchant , Mickey Cottrell as Duc de L'Isle , Louis Turenne as Auguste , Courtland Mead as Jack Merchant , Louis Mustillo as Sharpe , Jody St. Michael as The Beast , Paul Perri as Edwards , Pat Skipper as Carducci , Christine Harnos as Rimmer , Wren T. Brown as Parker (as Wren Brown)

Plot : In the 22nd century, a scientist endeavors to accurate the flawed his ancestor created: the mystery box that opens the portals of Hell as anyhow as unleashes Pinhead as anyhow as his Cenobite legions.

Run Time : 86 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Dimension Films

Trivia : Stuart Gordon was fixed at solitary steer to counsel this film, nevertheless disappeared prior to filming began.

Goofs : Errors intended by conducts (possibly muse errors by the filmmakers): “Air conditioning” is misspelled for “air conditionioning” on the floor aims reviewed by the twofold safety guards near to restricted done the movie.

Tag Lines : This year, the past, the present and the future will all meet at the crossroads of hell.

Plot Summary : It’s the each year 2127. Pinhead, the evil cenobite of the series, has viewed himself on board a span station inside outer space, stream by scientist Dr.Merchant. Dr. Merchant’s assignment is to handy the exits to hell forever. Because his ancestor, a toymaker inside the 18th century, launched the evil puzzlebox that opens the exits to hell. And completed the generations, the list of the bloodline has verified to prevent it. But now, Dr.Merchant has launched the reverse box. The box that will handy the exits to hell in neighborhood of likelihood it.

In the 22nd century, Dr. Paul Merchant has originated the crucial area station since a really unusual purpose: to exterminate the Lament Configuration, which has accepted serene bummer to his category since centuries. In the 18th century, French toy maker Phillip L’Merchant launched the foremost mystery box, which was cast off by magician de L’Isle to form a attractive demon distinguished Angelique, the female offspring of Leviathan, the lord of Hell’s Labyrinth. As the generations passed, L’Merchant’s descendants commenced the act to form the Elysium Configuration – a box that might exterminate the Lament Configuration, till 1996, as soon as one in all them, John more or less declined to the current of the box completed Angelique. Of course, Pinhead along with his Cenobites aren’t cheerful close to the essential that the gateway to Hell will by destroyed…

Determined to procurable the entrances of hell just only occasion with given that all, a 22nd-century scientist, whose ancestor primarily freed the demonic Pinhead centuries before, aims to reverse the Lament Configuration. Spanning numerous generations, this end entrance inside Clive Barker’s dread franchise acts because both prequel with sequel to the distinctive installments.

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