Ingression (2010)

Director : Andrey Iskanov

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Alexandra Batrumova as Drug Dealer's Girlfriend, Anna Bistrova as The Black Mother #2, Andrew Copp as TV News Announcer (voice), Alexander Daveynis as Man in Black on Street #3, Vladislav Grishakov as Man in Black on Street #1, Svyatoslav Iliyasov as Alex, Andrey Iskanov as Victor, Roman Kim as The voice of Alex (voice), Anna Kollerova as The voices of The Black Mothers (voice), Manoush as Lucy, Victor Mironenko as Man in Black on Street #2, Nadejda Polyakova as The Black Mother #3, Alexander Shevchenko as TV News Announcer, Victor Silkin as The Alchemist, Dmitriy Skripnik as The Killer, Kim Sønderholm as Haakon Gufstavsson, Alyona Strebkova as The Black Mother #1, Dimitry Verholat as Drug Dealer, Maria Zakharova as Maria, Irina Zenkina as The Black Mother #4

Plot : After his lady Lucy walks out on him, Alexander seeks to quest solace inside alcohol as anyhow as drugs, although the twinge delicately won’t go off away… See more » |

Country : Russia

Language : English

Filming Locations : Khabarovsk, Russia

Company : Bounding Goat Productions

Trivia : In alchemy, “ingression” is the long modus operandi away which exactly habit the idiosyncrasy of as two substances are fused inside such a use that they may perhaps not engagement separated.

Plot Summary : After his lady Lucy walks out on him, Alexander endeavors to rummage around solace inside alcohol as at any rate as drugs, on the varied hand the twinge merely won’t set out away. He is presented the place of an unusual grown-up who claims to pass through the answer; a strange, influential narcotic that will seize somewhere else his anguish. Alexander can’t seize to any stretch further consequently he visits the dealer as at any rate as is presented the drug. For a jiffy he feels fine, subsistence is satisfactory again, pending he grasps that sinister statistics are pursuing him. He endeavors to break out on the varied hand there is no hiding bask in the Ingression.

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