Killing Schrödinger's Cats (2010)

Director : King-Pin Lei

Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : , Todd Thomas Dark as Marc, William Poulin as Will, Stephanie Zari as Stacy

Plot : Stacy, Will, plus Marc are caught up inside a seasonal quarters Stacy is sad hair-raising visions of the near inside which she is execute by Will! Their single hope? A cryptic message: “Kill Shrodinger’s Cats plus you’ll obtain free!”

Run Time : 90 min

Country : Canada

Language : English

Company : Codex Imagina

Plot Summary : After a appalling accident, anxious survivors Stacy, Will furthermore Marc pursuit shelter inside an irregular house. But desperation turns to anxiety once they see that they are wedged in the place of abode and no wont to articulation the outside globe as help! Someone or something won’t accept each other leave! Terror quickly turns to scare the pants off once Stacy encounters nightmarish, awful apparitions that seem to troth coming on the scene her visions of the future… …A expected inside which she is personality assassinated by an insane, knife-wielding Will! Is this providence inevitable? Or may the trio outwit furthermore run off the forces manipulating this madhouse? Their merely hope?

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