Post Mortem, America 2021 (2010)

Director : Cameron Scott

Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Linnea Quigley as Lucille , Jim O'Rear as Severin , Sarah Swofford as Jesse , Monique Dupree as Rose , Melanie Robel as Rattlesnake Sally , Larry Laverty as Ray , April Monique Burril as Bee , Michelle Shields as Suze , Edward X. Young as Hammer of God , Jessica Cameron as Maggie , BeBe Bellamont as Cynthia , Nicola Fiore as Beth , Dennis Lamka as Django , Ruby Larocca as Jane , Isabelle Stephen as April , Joel D. Wynkoop as Bartender , Kimberly L. Cole as Gail , Ernest Gentz as Monk , Robert Jefferson Jr. as Creep #3 other cast: , Shawn C. Phillips as Zombie, Shirley Dluginski as Zombie, M. Kelley as Zombie, Sam Qualiana as Zombie, Eric Phillips as Zombie, Christopher Brandon as Zombie, Susan Palermo as Zombie, Josh Harms as Zombie, Megan Halcom as Zombie, Christina Davis as Zombie, Chris Morgin as Zombie, David Ponton as Zombie, Ronee Luttringer as Zombie, Daniel Krueger as Zombie, Michel Keck as Zombie, Dawn Stahura as Zombie, Michael Krueger as Zombie, Elise Davis as Zombie, Dakota Meyer as Zombie, Kreed Gentz as Zombie, Shannon Feaster as Zombie, Alec Chase as Zombie, Chris Pezzano as Rottie, Pandora Potter as Little Girl Zombie, Tanna Kyburz as Zombie, Carole Stueben as Zombie, Susan Denny as Zombie, Howard Cooper as Zombie, Andrew Saxsma as Zombie, Mary L. Krueger as Zombie, Kimberly Snapp as Zombie

Run Time : USA:99 min (director's cut)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Company : Quattro Venti Scott Productions

Trivia : It is rumored that yell queen Linnea Quigley plays two assorted roles inside the film.

Plot Summary :

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