Saw V (2008)

Director : David Hackl

Release Date : 24 October 2008 (USA)

Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller

Cast : : , Tobin Bell as Jigsaw / John Kramer , Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman , Scott Patterson as Agent Peter Strahm , Betsy Russell as Jill , Julie Benz as Brit , Meagan Good as Luba , Mark Rolston as Dan Erickson , Carlo Rota as Charles , Greg Bryk as Mallick , Laura Gordon as Ashley , Joris Jarsky as Seth , Mike Butters as Paul , Al Sapienza as Chief of Police , Mike Realba as Detective Fisk , Lyriq Bent as Rigg

Plot : Detective Hoffman furthermore Agent Strahm battle for they each research the evident existence of the Jigsaw murders. |

Run Time : 92 min

Country : USA | Canada

MPAA : Rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, language and brief nudity.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Company : Twisted Pictures

Trivia : Real animal blood was second hand as the previous trap. The director noted they wouldn’t undergo second hand it if they’d observed how ghastly it was getting to smell.

Goofs : Incorrectly regarded for goofs: In the bathtub tempt room, the three surviving praxis are informed that they withstand three minutes to “bridge the gap” with release the entrance to the afterwards room. A grandfather clock higher than the entrance shows 15 minutes, nevertheless this lone is involved to bombs inside the corners of the compartment (something not remarked on the videotape); the three-minute grandfather clock is established separately.

Tag Lines : You won't believe how it ends.

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