Sparrow (2010/I)

Director : Shaun Troke

Genre : Horror

Cast : (in credits order) , Faye Sewell as Cindy , Thomas James Longley as Matt , Alexis Jayne Defoe as Dawn , Eric Kolelas as Duncan , Sarah Linda as Kirsty , Jack W. Carter as Sitcom , Jordan Greenhough as Alex , Nikki Harrup as Tina , Leonora Moore as Pam , Joseph Stacey as Tim , Jennifer Karen as Heather , Ali Keane as Jeff , Mario Folga as Sparrow , Monica Folga as Fiancee , Peter Saklak as Lover

Plot : Six teen friends acquire a camping spark off to a wooded area which is the website of a presumed historic murder. But their disbelief inside this urban legend is before long modified as soon as tricky occurrences start to draw close to each of them. |

Country : Poland | UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : Hamerla, Katowice, Slaskie, Poland

Company : Wojciech Stuchlik Independent Film Production

Trivia : Dane Brookes was the basic vote because the role of Ranger Sparrow, on the variegated hand minified out at the concluding age attributable to projecting conflicts.

Plot Summary :

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