The Burningmoore Incident (2010)

Director : Jonathan Williams

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : , Jen Weissenberg as Jen, Geoff Tate as Narrator / Performer, Joseph Pallister as Detective, Tim Gallin as Homeless Man, Gabriela Hersham as Interior Designer, Tony Guida as House owner, Dan Parilis as Cameraman Dan, Thomas David as Spectator #3, James Doheny as Painter, Jonathan Williams as Cameraman John, Tom McCormack as Spectator #6, Alfonso Ponton as Coroner Van Attendant, Dan Rubin as Brother-in-law, Michael Levinsky as EMS #4, Kwame Keyes as P.A. with hat, Jon Conver as Host, Benjamin Hunt as News Reporter, Matthew Joseff as Electrician, John Fedeli as Friend, Erin Baltsar as Photographer, Matthew Parody as Carpenter, Joe Palumbo as Carpenter, Vincent Palma as Building Inspector, John Huber as Police Seargent, Nick Palamara as Spectator #8, M.D. Charlie Kandaloft as Psychologist, Brandon Riles as P.A. Brandon, Sean McCormack as Spectator #5, Michelle Wagner as Catering Girl, Joe Steiner as EMS #1, Michael Guida as Victim in forest, Jennifer Colletti as Victim in house #2, Amanda Bedulla as Spectator #1, Andrew Colletti as Victim in house #1, Lauren Schiefer as Girlfriend in Attic, Eddie Ellis as Police Officer with gun, Tim Quin Jr. as Coroner Van Driver, Frankie DiNapoli as Plumber, Tina Cantillo as Tina, Cort Bengtson as Tattoo Shop Owner, Tracy McCormack as Spectator #7, Michael Dinapoli as Police Officer #1, Tyler Colletti as Victim in house #3, Karen Rubin as Sister, Cristina Guida as EMS #2, Andrew Masiello as Boyfrind in Attic, Maria Guida as Spectator #4, Maggie Rubin as Neice, Vincent Coretti as EMS #3, Chris Collins as Spectator #9, Joseph D'Angelo as Spectator #2

Plot : The cameras filming a TV take find the vicious killings of a house renovation crew. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Long Island, New York, USA

Company : Fires At Midnight Films

Plot Summary :

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