The Frankenstein Syndrome (2010)

Director : Sean Tretta

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Ed Lauter as Dr. Walton, Louis Mandylor as Marcus, Tiffany Shepis as Elizabeth Barnes, Kristina Wayborn as Elizabeth's Mother, Scott Anthony Leet as David Doyle, Patti Tindall as Victoria Travelle, Maya Stojan as Dr. Walton's Nurse, Shane Dean as Agent Wollstonecraft, Noah Todd as Ira Gorman, David C. Hayes as Paul Fitcher, Joe Ricci as Cyrus, Richard Anderson as Marquez, Lillie Richardson as Ott, Michael Tassoni as Father Ennio, Esther Ellsworth as Agent Godwin, Lene Martin as Test Subject, Kevin Tye as Ivan Green, Jonathan Northover as William McKennin, Josh Bingenheimer as Nathan Barnes, Sebastian Kunnappilly as Neeraj Sahir, Krystal S. Boughman as Test Subject, Jessica Lemisch as Test Subject, Zena Otsuka as Kima, Danielle Donis as Test Subject, Edna Trevizu as Test Subject, Melanie Miller as Test Subject, Laura Estay as Test Subject , Will Leon as Cage fight spectator (uncredited)

Plot : A assortment of researchers running illegal stem apartment probe notice a apartment anomaly that has the likelihood to regenerate insensitive tissue. Unable to act legal chap trials, the researchers spin to corpses to assessment their serum. |

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Ominous Productions

Plot Summary :

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