The Kindred (1987)

Genre : Sci-Fi, Horror

Cast : : , David Allen Brooks as John Hollins , Rod Steiger as Dr. Phillip Lloyd , Amanda Pays as Melissa Leftridge , Talia Balsam as Sharon Raymond , Kim Hunter as Amanda Hollins , Timothy Gibbs as Hart Phillips , Peter Frechette as Brad Baxter , Julia Montgomery as Cindy Russell , Bunki Z as Nell Valentine , Charles Grueber as Harry , Bennet Guillory as Dr. Stone , Edgar Small as Dr. Larson , Randy Harrington as Paramedic , Benjamin J. Perry as Porsche driver (as Ben Perry) , Betty Freeman as Nurse

Plot : Amanda’s deathbed wish to her son, John, was because him to eradicate the entirety the lab currency etc. cherish her very last experiment… See more » |

Run Time : 91 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Kindred Limited Partnership

Tag Lines : Some things are best left unborn.
God created man. Wait till you see what Amanda's done.
Anthony isn't your typical bottle baby…
We're not all the same creature under the skin.
John's got a half brother… half human… half something else!

Plot Summary : Amanda’s deathbed wish to her son, John, was given that him to eradicate the comprehensive thing the lab dough etc. bask in her very last experiment. She furthermore blurts out he seasoned a brother. At the funeral John meets Melissa, who claims to troth his mothers principal fan. Together and various of John’s friends they depart to Amanda’s house, except none are made ready given that what on earth they reckon there.

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