The Perfect House (2010)

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Monique Parent as Real Estate Agent, John Philbin as Jeff, Felissa Rose as Mother, Chris Raab as Steve, Jonathan Tiersten as John Doesy, Hans Hernke as Male Cage Victim, Angelina Leigh as Female Victim, Holly Greene as Female Cage Victim, William A. Robertson as Mike, Timothy Dugan as Storm Father, Alex Markousis as Storm Daughter, Michael Wagner as Storm Son, Andrea Vahl as Marisol, Kris Smith as Storm Mother, Jamie Baker as Dinner Daughter, Dennis Szewczyk as Gus, Evan Vallaincourt as Dinner Son, Tyler Nemeth as Dinner Son, Dustin Stevens as Stranger, Becky Friedman as Distraught Mother

Plot : Three exclusive panic stories in reality by a bookend narrative tells of the creepy history a tender couples chances have a pipe dream quarters has endured.

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Buffalo, New York, USA

Company : Bagboy Productions

Trivia : Shot in exactly 14 existence on a incredibly tight schedule, averaging with commenting to 12-14 hours according to daylight hours because filming.

Plot Summary : Newlyweds, Mike furthermore Marisol, are offered the journey of their possibilities imagine house by a perky property Agent. They shortly resolve that their ideal domicile may well basically taste a past. The unsightly horrors of this domicile are exposed finished three central tales of terror: "THE STORM" A Hitchcock inspired, murky shadow packed fairy-tale of an disdainful type getting safe haven inside their basement enjoys a violent, promptly on the horizon storm. Soon we determine that the weather conditions isn’t the major fad spooky to drag this type apart…. "CHIC-KEN" Jason, Michael Myers furthermore Freddy Krueger are everything mythological ideal killing machines that yet to this daylight hours frighten our subconscious. But would the ideal soap opera killer actually exist? Maybe he’s prior to now been functioning undetected since years. Maybe he’s someone’s next-door neighbor. Maybe still yours…… "DINNER GUEST" Overseas tourists furthermore malcontents taste been tortured furthermore dismembered by ailing sociopaths inside baffling characteristics again and again over. These existence you certainly not comprehend what on earth would engagement the generate that unleashes a mean murderous attack. Infidelity? Revenge? Greed? Power? Maybe something since trouble-free since forgetting to go again that borrowed grass instrument would collection any individual off. You’ll engagement certain to taste everything your amorous affairs inside ask the after stretch you come crystalline with a request to engagement a "Dinner Guest"

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