Women's Studies (2010)

Director : Lonnie Martin

Genre : Horror

Cast : (in credits order) , Judith O'Dea as Senator Gayle Hamlin , Cindy Marie Martin as Mary , Tara Garwood as Judith , Kelley Slagle as Diane , Melisa Breiner-Sanders as Beth , Laura Bloechl as Iris , Tiffany James as Melissa , Mundy Spears as Sharon , James A. Radack as Zack rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Hector Almestica as Street Patron, Shanna Beauchamp as Black Widow Bartender, Kelli Biggs as Senator Braun, Michael H. Brugos as Braun Supporter, Joey Cabrera as Paper Dropper at Rally, Taisha Cameron as Amy, Julia Carson as Initiation Attendee, Chris L. Clark as #7, Rhett Coates as Braun Supporter, Katherine Collins as Initiation Attendee, Amber Connors as Black Widow Bartender / Dancer, Josh Davidson as Revels, Bruce Allen Dawson as Chair Man, Karen Dunn as Initiation Attendee, Kit Farrell as Braun Supporter, Phil Filsoof as Iris's Father, Kevin Finkelstein as Keith, Danny Gavigan as Kevin, Leo Goodman as Black Widow Cop #2, Keith Haller as Bathroom Man, Deneen Harris as Braun Campaign Manager, Joy Haynes as Radio Announcer, Martha Huggins as Paula Ross, Barbara Leaf as Street Patron, Charles R. Lee II as Street Patron, Chanukah Jane Lilburne as Initiation Attendee, Jocelyn Magsumbol as Braun Supporter, Ashley Major as Initiation Attendee, Lisa Major as Initiation Attendee, Pearl Mueller as Initiation Attendee, Ryan Mulkay as Black Widow Cop #1, Gary Nooger as Street Patron, Kendra North as Initiation Attendee, Amanda O'Connor as Braun Secret Service Agent, Carlyn Paschall as Nun, Jose L. Penaranda as Street Patron / Braun Supporter, Carol Randolph as Cop, Kenneth Shallop as Street Patron, Jan-David Soutar as Dan Samson, Ryan Thomas as Samson's Friend, Michelle Trout as Iris's Mother, Lauren White as Initiation Attendee, Stef Williams as Black Widow Burlesque Dancer, Briana Zakzeski as Ross-Prentiss Student

Plot : A grad student along with her friends turn out to be caught up at a women’s academy pour by a cult of homicidal feminists.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Ningen Manga Productions

Plot Summary : Women’s Studies is the narrative of a pregnant grad student as nonetheless as her friends who are fixed captive at a women’s academy that’s in usher of fact a cult of feminists intertwined on the enslavement of men. A scrutinize groupthink, women’s issues, as nonetheless as how blind intuitive feeling inside a one-sided dogma may well generate a terrorist.

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