Zompyres: Texas (2010)

Director : Jordan Funderburk

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast : (in credits order) (complete, awaiting verification) , Stefan Beck as Zeke , Stefan Beck as Zeke , Chase Burnett as York , Laura Dumas as South , Cory Bourland as Roman , Katie Funderburk as Siren , Michael Rudd as Boyd , Michael Rudd as Boyd , Joshua Sherman as Reddin , Matt Scarborough as Books , John Singleton as Uncle John , John Singleton as Uncle John , Jesse Laughlin as The Nephew , Elise Plaskonos as Angela Gracen , Jonathan Hartwell as Penske , Jesse Cooper as Mac , Jesse Cooper as Mac , Caleb Quinones as The Poge , Jeremy Pope as Harrison , Mollie Laughlin as Kate Meiren , Charles Lewis as Chuck Hix , Kelsey Funderburk as Sara Olsen , Matt Hulme as Tom , Matt Hulme as Tom , Charles Lewis as Chuck Hix , Daniel Funderburk as Suave Party Go-er , Josh Mackey as Excited Party Go-er , Jed Beck as One-Eyed Zompyre , Tim Hilton as Enthusio Zompyre , Jesse Beck as Tiny Dancer Zompyre , Joe Stackpole as Lanker Zompyre , Brandon Perry as Gashface Zompyre , Andrew Johnson as Zomsmiler Zompyre , Rebekah Mair as Sneaker Zompyre , Craig Oglesby as Tallsy Zompyre , Ben Beck as Shrapnel Zompyre , Jessica Lavilla as Witch of Itasca Zompyre , Jordan Funderburk as Steven (voice) , Aaron Plaskonos as Gameshow Narrator (voice)

Plot : A band of survivors war to stay living inside a post-apocalyptic real world packed with mutated Zompyres.

Run Time : 65 min | USA:65 min (approx.)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Company : Foox Productions

Trivia : The Scene where “South” cries far more than the kicking of the bucket of her male relative carried 5 takes.

Plot Summary : When a small, mystifying meteorite batters inside a suburban neighborhood, not a soul removes a lot of notice. But whilst the undead swiftly walk the Earth, embarking on bloodthirsty with infectious rampages, altering just lone occasion honored inhabitants centers into apocalyptic wastelands, eyebrows embark to raise. Five days later, a surviving array of rag-tag survivors fought for the grounds that their existence inside the main course of action they knew how: by acquiring steps to check that they survive. Led by the forever unsatisfied Zeke (Stefan Beck), these clichés suffered squandered everything, but each other. Featuring a clever with dress grading as in any case as Cory Bourland, Laura Dumas, with Chase Burnett, this semi-full dimension escapade take bliss in visionary filmmaker Jordan Funderburk, with the entangled brain of screenwriter Matt Hulme, "Zompyres: Texas" is the story of squandered souls, of children, with of glory. Maybe. This is the story of the Zompyres.

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