Across the Universe (2007)

Director : Julie Taymor

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Musical, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete) , Evan Rachel Wood as Lucy Carrigan , Jim Sturgess as Jude , Joe Anderson as Max Carrigan , Dana Fuchs as Sadie , Martin Luther as Jo-Jo (as Martin Luther McCoy) , T.V. Carpio as Prudence , Spencer Liff as Daniel , Lisa Hogg as Jude's Liverpool Girlfriend , Nicholas Lumley as Cyril , Michael Ryan as Phil , Angela Mounsey as Martha Feeny – Jude's Mother , Erin Elliott as Cheer Coach , Robert Clohessy as Wesley 'Wes' Huber – Jude's Father , Christopher Tierney as Dorm Buddy / Dancer , Curtis Holbrook as Dorm Buddy , John Jeffrey Martin as Dorm Buddy , Matt Caplan as Dorm Buddy , Timothy R. Boyce Jr. as Jock (as T.R. Boyce Jr.) , Aisha De Haas as Tavern Waitress , Leah Hocking as Tavern Waitress , Bill Buell as Old Guy at Tavern , Ellen Hornberger as Julia Carrigan – Lucy's Sister , Amanda Cole as Emily , Danya Taymor as High School Girlfriend , Dylan Baker as Mr. Carrigan – Lucy's Father , Linda Emond as Mrs. Carrigan – Lucy's Mother , Lynn Cohen as Grandmother Carrigan , Bill Irwin as Uncle Teddy , Jennifer Van Dyck as Daniel's Mother , Timmy Mitchum as Jo-Jo's Brother (as Timothy T. Mitchum) , Carol Woods as Gospel Singer , Elain R. Graham as Jo-Jo's Mother (as Elain Graham) , Orfeh as Hooker , Antonique Smith as Hooker , Tracy Nicole Chapman as Hooker , Yassmin Alers as Hooker , Deidre Goodwin as Hooker , Joe Cocker as Bum / Pimp / Mad Hippie , Jacob Pitts as Rap Magazine Employee , Staceyann Chin as Rap Magazine Employee (as Staceyanne Chin) , Jeanine Serralles as Dani , Leonard Tucker as Katz's Waiter , Daniel Stewart Sherman as Cop at Wharf Warehouse , Harry Lennix as Army Sergeant , Logan Marshall-Green as Paco , James Urbaniak as Sadie's Manager , Kathleen Early as SDR Worker , Ching Valdes-Aran as Luna Park , Bono as Dr. Robert , Daniel Ezralow as Mother Superior , Kiva Dawson as Max's Girl , Halley Wegryn Gross as Max's Girl , Luther Creek as Prankster , Jerzy Gwiazdowski as Prankster , Arabella Holzbog as Prankster , Ambrose Martos as Prankster , Peter Mui as Prankster , Karine Plantadit-Bageot as Prankster (as Karine Plantadit) , Dan Weltner as Prankster , Christopher Youngsman as Prankster , Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite , Ekaterina Sknarina as Rita , Tracy Westmoreland as Fillmore Manager , Ron C. Jones as Black Panther (as Ron Cephas Jones) , William W. Wilson as Precinct House Sergeant (as W. W. Wilson III) , Salma Hayek as Singing Nurse , Luke Cresswell as Tramp Drumming on Bin Lids , Jarlath Conroy as Bartender at Max's Bar , Mandy Gonzalez as Sadie's Singer , Destan Owens as Sadie's Singer , Cicily Daniels as Sadie's Singer , Saycon Sengbloh as Sadie's Singer , Sam Kitchin as Sergeant on Rooftop , Chris McGarry as Sergeant on Rooftop , Frank Hopf as Door Officer at Strawberry Records , 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow as Himself (voice) (as Cousin Brucie Morrow) , Navarra Novy-Williams as High School Girlfriend , Sarah Jayne Jensen as High School Girlfriend , Michelle Lookadoo as High School Girlfriend , Geoffrey Countryman as High School Dance Band , Julien Joy as High School Dance Band , Conrad Korsch as High School Dance Band , Brian Mckenna as High School Dance Band (as Brian McKenna) , Jack Petruzzelli as High School Dance Band (as Jack Petricelli) , Timothy Keiper as Sadie's Band , Arthur Lewis as Sadie's Band , Mark Lewis as Sadie's Band , Bryan Noll as Sadie's Band , Michael Arenella as Circus Band , Cyro Baptista as Circus Band , Frank Fighera as Circus Band , Ritt Henn as Circus Band , Mark Stewart as Circus Band , Bruce Williamson as Circus Band , Charles Drayton as Sadie's Rooftop Band , Thomas Grasso as Sadie's Rooftop Band , Joey Sykes as Sadie's Rooftop Band , Paul Wallfisch as Sadie's Rooftop Band , Caryn Allen as Gospel Choir , Ronald Blackman as Gospel Choir , Erik Justin Gaines as Gospel Choir , Marlene Mason as Gospel Choir , Tanisha Mason as Gospel Choir , Cheryl McClurkin as Gospel Choir , Donald A. McClurkin Sr. as Gospel Choir , Lorna McClurkin as Gospel Choir , Olivia McClurkin as Gospel Choir , Terrell Middleton as Gospel Choir , Jada Scott as Gospel Choir , Murl Smith as Gospel Choir , Jor-El Wharton as Gospel Choir , Devin Wharwood as Gospel Choir , Alyssa Woodside as Gospel Choir , Christina Woodside as Gospel Choir , Marcus Bellamy as Dancer , Tim Acito as Dancer , Andrew Asnes as Dancer , Kevin Aubin as Dancer , Collin Baja as Dancer , Michael Balderama as Dancer , Charissa Barton as Dancer , Nicole Berger as Dancer , Adolpho Blaire as Dancer , Brian Brooks as Dancer , Enrique Brown as Dancer , Shawn Burgess as Dancer , Ian Carney as Dancer , Sandy Chase as Dancer , Ron De Jesus as Dancer , Jean Emile as Dancer , Bylly Fagen as Dancer (as Billy Fagen) , Angelo Fraboni as Dancer , Kathryn Eleni Fraggos as Dancer (as Kathryn Fraggos) , Kurt Froman as Dancer , Bob Gaynor as Dancer , Chris Ghelfi as Dancer , Tyler Gilstrap as Dancer , Greg Graham as Dancer , Cody Green as Dancer , Matthew Hamel as Dancer , Sean Martin Hingston as Dancer , Ryan Holly as Dancer , Dell Howlett as Dancer , Terace Jones as Dancer , Dominique Kelley as Dancer , Ryan Kelly as Dancer , Mari Koda as Dancer , Jason Lacayo as Dancer , Abdul Latif as Dancer , Marty Lawson as Dancer , Yasmine C. Lee as Dancer , Brian Letendr as Dancer , Tiger Martina as Dancer , Tim McGarrigal as Dancer , Allie Meixner as Dancer , Dario Mejia as Dancer , Angel Morales as Dancer , Matthew Neff as Dancer , Leah O'Donnell as Dancer , Rika Okamoto as Dancer , Patrick O'Neill as Dancer , Adesola A. Osakalumi as Dancer (as Adesola Osakalumi) , Denny Paschall as Dancer , Nathan Peck as Dancer , Giovanni Perez as Dancer , Bobby Pestka as Dancer , Kyle Pleasant as Dancer , Avery Ragsdale as Dancer , Desmond Richardson as Dancer (as Desmond S. Richardson) , Samuel Roberts as Dancer , Alberto Dister Rondon as Dancer , Natsumi Sakurai as Dancer , Luis Salgado as Dancer , Martin Samuel as Dancer , Marcos Santana as Dancer , John Selya as Dancer , Ying-Ying Shiau as Dancer , Todd Michel Smith as Dancer , Jonah Spear as Dancer , Jordan Spencer as Dancer , Matthew Steffens as Dancer , Dennis Stowe as Dancer , Stacey Sund as Dancer , Lara E. Tinari as Dancer (as Lara Tinari) , Michael Tracy as Dancer , Andrew Turteltaub as Dancer , Nicole Wolcott as Dancer , Wenshuan Yang as Dancer , Kenneth Ziegler as Dancer rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Adam Bedri as Bar Patron (as Brandon Young), Françoise Bonnot as Old lady in 'i am the walrus' (voice), Rory Clarke as Soldier, Jim Ford as Dancer – Football Player, Keith Patterson as Princeton Bully , Mike Arotsky as Bystander at Rooftop Concert (uncredited), Jen Arvay as Protester (uncredited), Patrick Arvia as Delivery Boy (uncredited), William Atkinson as Sailor (uncredited), Jason Audette as Hippie (uncredited), Matthew Backer as Guru (uncredited), Dion Baia as National Guardsman (uncredited), Jennifer Bailenson as Female (uncredited), Mark A. Bailey as Hippie (uncredited), Jordan Bass as High School Student / Dancer (uncredited), David Beck as SDR Worker / Protester (uncredited), Aran Bertetto as Partygoer (uncredited), Andrea Bertola as Hippie (uncredited), Shelly Bhalla as Hippie (uncredited), Delancey Birzin as Princeton Student (uncredited), Michael Biscardi as 5th Ave. Protestor (uncredited), Randy Blair as Mother Face (uncredited), Michael Boothroyd as Dancing Businessman (uncredited), Linda Rivera Bradt as Columbia Protestor (uncredited), Adrianna Bremont as Hippie (uncredited), Tracey Brennan as College Girl (uncredited), Brendan Burke as Soldier (uncredited), Simone Butler as Student Democratic Revolutionary (uncredited), John Byrne as John (uncredited), Kevin Cannon as Professor (uncredited), Alexis Ann Carra as East Village Denizen (uncredited), Joey Chanlin as Protestor (uncredited), Michael Chenevert as Wounded Soldier (uncredited), Craig Clary as College Student (uncredited), Angela Cohen as Prom Dancer (uncredited), Marcus Collins as Hippie (uncredited), Rick Collum as Columbia University Student Radical (uncredited), Laurence Covington as Football Player (uncredited), Evan Crothers as Patient (uncredited), Richard Cunningham III as Bowling Alley Bartender (uncredited), Christine Daley as Hippie (uncredited), Cris D'Annunzio as Riot Cop (uncredited), Craig DiFrancia as Football Player (uncredited), Mohamed Dione as Mourner in Church (uncredited), Mike Dobbins as Student for Democratic Reform (uncredited), Joe Dolinsky as Hippie Dude (uncredited), Aristedes Philip DuVal as Cafe Patron (uncredited), Nick Ellison as Cavern Band (uncredited), Jonah Falcon as Protester (uncredited), Lisa Marie Farago as Bowler (uncredited), James Finelli as Army Recruit (uncredited), Jack Fitz as Daniel's Uncle (uncredited), Louise Flory as Girl in Katz's Deli (uncredited), Ramon Flowers as Drag Queen (uncredited), Jessica Frank as Cheerleader (uncredited), Edwin Freeman as Football Player (uncredited), Dennis Funny as Detroit Bus Passenger (uncredited), Marc Furstenberg as Scottish Hippie (uncredited), Samantha Futerman as Prom Dancer (uncredited), Shane Geraghty as Acrobat (uncredited), Ryan Lee Gilbert as Student Protestor (uncredited), Gregory Guy Gorden as Soldier (uncredited), Phillip James Griffith as Frat Boy (uncredited), Charlie Griffiths as Judes Neighbour #2 (uncredited), Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez as Dancer (uncredited), Jules Hartley as Cheerleader (uncredited), Ben Hauck as Studious Frat Boy (uncredited), Abigail Hawk as Protester / Flower Child (uncredited), Jeffrey Hawkins as Soldier Patient / Dancer (uncredited), Zeke Hawkins as Student Protester (uncredited), Paul Hayes as Cavern Band (uncredited), Chivonne Hill as Detroit Rioter (uncredited), Brian Hoover as Protester (uncredited), Katherine Hoskins Mackey as Businesswoman (uncredited), Christy Lee Hughes as High School Student (uncredited), Heather Janneck as Bowling Alley Dancer (uncredited), Julie Jei as Protester (uncredited), Jessica Jennings as Couple with Dog (uncredited), Amelia Kallman as Hippie (uncredited), Edward Kasche as Underground News Editor (uncredited), Jesse Kearney as Radical (uncredited), Mark Keller as Football Player (uncredited), Russ Klein as Protester (uncredited), Eric Michael Kochmer as Protester (uncredited), Kordelia as Dancer (uncredited), Austin Lesch as V.A. Patient (uncredited), Nicole Lewis as Young Mother (uncredited), Andrew Llera as Princeton Student (uncredited), Ted Lochwyn as Immigration Officer (uncredited), Cynthia Loebe as Diner Waitress (uncredited), Steve Lord as National Guard Soldier (uncredited), Shawn Luckey as Hippie (uncredited), Racheline Maltese as Party Guest (uncredited), Chris Margaritis as Marine Sergeant (uncredited), Dolores McDougal as Nurse (uncredited), Chris McMullin as Security at Fillmore East (uncredited), Julie McNiven as Female (uncredited), Kim Meisner as Socialite Party Goer (uncredited), Chris Miskiewicz as Hippie (uncredited), Ed Mitchell as Merchant Marine (uncredited), Kent Moran as Football Player (uncredited), Keith Moyer as Loft Artist Partygoer (uncredited), Samantha Musumeci as Daniel's Sister (uncredited), Robert Myers as Protester (uncredited), Tony Naumovski as Soldier (uncredited), Elizabeth Newman as Protestor (uncredited), Gregory Nissen as Subway Hippie (uncredited), Chris Nuñez as Department Store Delivery Boy (uncredited), Brad O'Connor as Man in Katz's Deli (uncredited), Kel O'Neill as Hippie (uncredited), Justin Osterthaler as Princeton Bully (uncredited), Gloria Parks as Strawberry Records Shopper (uncredited), Chris Philip as Columbia College Student (uncredited), Mark Pricskett as Loft Artist Partygoer (uncredited), Vitta Quinn as Black / White Painted Mod Girl (uncredited), Joe Rayome as Army Recruit (uncredited), Justin Restivo as Merchant Marine (uncredited), Bill Richards as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited), R.J. Romano as Rioter (uncredited), Jared Rubenstein as Businessman (uncredited), Thomas Russo as National Guardsman (uncredited), Isaac Schinazi as Protester (uncredited), Emily Schweitz as Circusgoer (uncredited), Matt Semino as Male (uncredited), Allysa Shorte as Dancer (uncredited), Kristen Silverman as Hippie (uncredited), Abraham Smith as SDI Bombmaker (uncredited), Brian Smyj as Cop (uncredited), Nikki Snelson as East Village Denizen (uncredited), Martin Soole as Army Recruit (uncredited), Kevin Alexander Stea as East Village Denizen (uncredited), Frank Stellato as Football Coach (uncredited), Cameron Stevens as Bloody Student (uncredited), Kat Stroot as Vietnamese Mask (uncredited), Ronald Sylvers as Funeral Attendee (uncredited), Ryan Phillip Thomas as High School Student (uncredited), John 'J.T.' Tully as Dancing Businessman (uncredited), Annie Vanders as Singing Housewife (uncredited), Kevin Watson as Funeral Patron (uncredited), Noah Weisberg as ACLU Lawyer (uncredited), Brian M. Wixson as Strawberry Records Hippie (uncredited), Ira David Wood IV as SDS Revolutionary (uncredited), Erika Woods as High School Student (uncredited), Gail Yudain as High School Teacher (uncredited)

Plot : The music of the Beatles furthermore the Vietnam War fashion the backdrop as the romance between an upper-class American babe furthermore a homeless Liverpudlian artist.

Run Time : 133 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Armour-Stiner House, Irvington, New York, USA

Company : Revolution Studios

Trivia : The musical meeting of “With a Little Help From My Friends” starts out someone just joined to the only hand-me-down by the Beatles’ central 1967 workplace recording, then again at that time it segues into sounding a great deal of supplementary admire Joe Cocker’s radically re-orchestrated 1969 new edition of the song, which he did at Woodstock (this was the version that was additionally hand-me-down for the matter song to the TV materialize “The Wonder Years” (1988). Cocker performs on a varying Across the Universe (2007) track, “Come Together” (with Martin Luther McCoy).

Goofs : Continuity: Mr. Kite’s yellow gloves vanish whilst he’s ushering the array into the tent, at that time reappear whilst he’s inside the tent.

Plot Summary : Across The Universe is a unreal attachment fairy-tale group inside the 1960s among the turbulent days of anti-war protest, the effort for gratis term furthermore civil rights, head evaluation furthermore rock furthermore roll. At just solitary occasion gritty, whimsical furthermore extraordinarily theatrical, the fairy-tale moves bask in overpriced types furthermore universities inside Massachusetts, Princeton furthermore Ohio to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Detroit riots, Vietnam furthermore the dockyards of Liverpool. A mishmash of live behavior furthermore animation, the picture is paired along furthermore millions of chanting by <a href="/name/nm1397313/">The Beatles</a> that outlined the time.

Musical according to <a href="/name/nm1397313/">The Beatles</a> songbook. Set inside the 60s England, America, plus Vietnam. The tenderness narrative of Lucy plus Jude is indistinct along furthermore the anti-war movement plus social protests of the 60s. Over 30 Beatles’ crooning are woven into the arrangement along side visual allusions to their timeless films: Help! (1965), A Hard Day’s Night (1964), Magical Mystery Tour (1967) (TV), Yellow Submarine (1968) plus <a href="/title/tt0065976/">Let It Be</a> (1970).

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