"Pennies from Heaven" (1978)

Release Date : 7 March 1978 (UK)

Genre : Drama, Musical

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 16 of 17) , Bob Hoskins as Arthur Parker (6 episodes, 1978), Cheryl Campbell as Eileen (6 episodes, 1978), Gemma Craven as Joan Parker (6 episodes, 1978), Kenneth Colley as The Accordion Man / as (5 episodes, 1978), Jenny Logan as Irene (3 episodes, 1978), Freddie Jones as Headmaster (2 episodes, 1978), Dave King as Police Inspector / as (2 episodes, 1978), Sam Avent as Pianist (2 episodes, 1978), Arnold Peters as Barrett (2 episodes, 1978), Spencer Banks as Maurice (2 episodes, 1978), Michael Bilton as Dad (2 episodes, 1978), Philip Jackson as Dave (2 episodes, 1978), Bill Dean as Alf (2 episodes, 1978), Bella Emberg as Mrs. Corder (2 episodes, 1978), Children From the Forest of Dean (2 episodes, 1978), Yolande Palfrey as Blind Girl (2 episodes, 1978)

Plot : Arthur, a sheet music salesman, has an ear because the run across tunes, then again not a soul will agree with it. And his mind repeatedly bursts into choked song… more

Run Time : UK:75 min (6 parts)

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : London, England, UK

Company : British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Trivia : The BBC basic was non violent of six episodes, each a trifle more than an hour long. Their titles are: 1: Down Sunny Side Lane 2: Love Is The Sweetest Thing 3: Easy Come, Easy Go 4: Better Think Twice 5: Painting The Clouds 6: Says My Heart

Plot Summary : Arthur, a sheet music salesman, has an ear given that the made tunes, on the varying hand no one will agree with it. And his mind’s eye frequently bursts into filled song, initiating musical numbers close to the biggest frustrations inside his life. He meets an risk free juvenile division teacher, Eileen, who gives the look to take care to the matching music, on the varying hand while Eileen learns that he’s married, along with that she’s pregnant as well as his child, she functions away. Arthur throws up unsleeping the entirety to value along with protect her, on the varying hand fortune along with the music haven’t completed as well as Arthur Parker.

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