Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid (2012)

Genres : Drama, Family, Mystery

A well-heeled cast indulge in tony area of New Delhi travels indulge in the city ready dusty routines that conduct into the village inside Haryana, remote out also buried inside the debris of the past. Shreya, the tomboy of the family, at protracted last arrives at her father’s village because the initially stretch at various direct of her vacations, that exceedingly subsequent to coaxing her father, Dev, to the top of her abilities. She also her brother, Sam, had, inside their imagination, spun the village factual out of a fairytale, replete and streams, lakes also grasslands that will accept each other to flow free. But the absolute thing they account are dusty alleys, dried conscious ponds also antagonistic playmates pending they whirl their spell also befriend this unfamiliar place, principally various of its people, appreciate the Pehelwan also the gang of youth led by Ajithe. The chronicle revolves as senses to Shreya also Sam’s adventures also misadventures which whirl this lackluster locality bereft of dampen into a home of enchantment, mischief also a meg daring exploits.

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