Showstopper (2010)

Director : Myke Michaels

Genre : Mystery

Cast : , Steven Bauer as Detective Vinnie Randall , Jennifer Day as Sheera , Jeff Manabat as Colin Silver , Diane Gonzales as Gabrielle Sonatta , Mak Medovich as Rocko , Andrew J McGuinness as Orson Phillips , Heather Salway as Michelle , Rushaun Loriano as Leilani , Jocelin Albor as Stephanie , Caroline Doff as Kena Mitso , Amy Lindsay as Katherine Mitso , Jim Tooey as Jack Mitso , Javier Bibas as Mauricio , Jeremie Loncka as Officer Goober , Dan Zacharias as Officer Malaky , Lincoln Molin as Officer Crowley , Maysen Michaels as Officer Sydney , Mercedes Ossa as Patricia , Shirley Ly as Amora , Felicia Diny as Claudine , Nazeli Torosyan as Connie , Michelle Rivers as Rosa , Alex Daye as Paparazzi , Trey McGuinn as Paparazzi , Alex Collins as Paparazzi , P. David Miller as Jackson , Xango Henry as Arnold

Plot : When a living of glamor along with attractiveness is tragically tainted also the blood of the innocent, the globe falls… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : MAG Theatre, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Media Artist Group Films

Trivia : Steven Bauer plus Jennifer Day primarily stumbled on inside 2008 whilst they were both set inside the movie Silicon Valley. Steven played the point role because a crooked cop inside the underground antidote world, plus Jennifer played his lady friend inside the film.

Plot Summary : When a being alive of glamor furthermore reputation is tragically tainted plus the blood of the innocent, the globe falls to it’s feet inside spasm furthermore erupts plus disorder & confusion. But is the victim innocent? Why murder? How finished this happen? Most of all, who could do such a thing? We hearken to a pleasant aperture because the shot fades inside savours black. The representation begins fuzzy, furthermore steadily clears to make it a finish off of luscious cherry lips chatting inside approximately a whisper. A grown person narrates the yarn of how her astonishing being alive returned to it’s disastrous conclude because she watches the human beings she cherished furthermore those who cherished her deeply wretched plus their decease because they are resolute to think of her killer. Her point out is Sheera, a pop singer star plus international reputation furthermore success. Her murder is introduced during her prospect monologue by glints of finish off tots of her without sensation body lying on the floor bleeding. We emergence plus her legs furthermore arms, furthermore the concluding twinkle is of her facial expression at the conclude of the monologue. Then we cut up to power genuine span at the shot of the crime. Thus begins the unfolding of a classic "whodunit"

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