The 4th Wall (2010)

Director : Clement Gharini

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance

Cast : (in credits order) , Kirsty Cox as Susan , Brian Hartnett as John , Ben Shockley as Mika (voice)

Plot : One deadly morning, John’s way is disappeared ajar. A fiddly grown man slips finished the answer inside his organized life… See more » |

Run Time : 80 min

Country : UK | Belgium

Language : English

Company : Apis Films

Plot Summary : One critical morning, John’s exit is departed ajar. A wacky gentleman slips finished the unravel inside his tidy life. Is she a squatter, a wanderer or a fruity man fancy his past? As John’s keep things clean flat is speedily invaded, his inner lodge is furthermore besieged. What got down to since a stand-up comedian come upon permit his vitality forever.

John, a lawyer, leads a more contented continuation – drafting legal contracts by day, inspecting Don Juan by night. His romantic encounters are methodically recorded inside somewhat black book… One dawn his usual is distressed by the approach of an mysterious mature person inside his apartment, who has drifted prepared the entrance gone open by a departing paramour. The mature person is mislaid plus probing as a Mr Ferry. John previously delayed as work, wishes to cut back this intrusion, then again the mature person certainly not plants the place, acquiring possession of it such as a parasite. In the road of many days, John will skill plus stumble upon circumstances which will shatter his ordered life… From the harmless initial meeting, once the mature person asks as a cup of coffee, it doesn’t seize her extensive to start off her shoes plus variety herself totally at home, still perched her outfit inside his wardrobe. John’s continuation gets rid of on a surreal tastefulness because he tries to reconcile the request of his each day usual plus the presence of the woman.

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