Sektor 236 (2010)

Genre : Sci-Fi

Cast : , Tintin Anderzon, Torsten Brinkel as Magnus G Bergström, Fredrik Dolk, Josefine Gustafsson as Dr. Andersson, Torbjörn Hartman as 2 – Scientist no, Viktoria Hedberg as Sofie, A.R. Hellquist as Kapten Palmquist, Åke Jansson as General Rickert, Jan Johansen, Daphne Leon as Dr. Sterling, Lars Lundgren as Agent Johnson, Daniela Miteska as Lt. Luthman

Plot : A Squad of elite commandos is neglected inside the Swedish waste throughout a hush hush mission. A tactical casing is sent out to investigate… See more » |

Country : Sweden

Language : Swedish | English

Plot Summary : A Squad of elite commandos is occupied inside the Swedish waste for the duration of a confidential mission. A tactical cartridge is sent out to investigate. I the for the long wont away being a species of hikers materialize the area. Their phones all at once loses reception along with the compasses impedes working. One beyond the different they materialization to disappear.

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