Hamill (2010)

Director : Oren Kaplan

Genre : Sport

Cast : , Shoshannah Stern as Kristi, Raymond J. Barry as Stanley, Sara Fletcher as Rachel, Susan Gibney as Janet, Russell Harvard as Matt Hamill, Joseph McKelheer as Ron Gross, Courtney Halverson as Michelle, Lauren Fox as Dr. Hoffman, Rich Franklin as Coach Pruitt, Cory Knauf as Dale, Eben Kostbar as Coach Cantrell, Lexi Marman as Kelly, Kara Luiz as Vivian, Avi Rothman as Chad, Matthew Dickens as Mechanic Mikey, Bob Hiltermann as Purdue Professor, Anthony Traina as Nick, Michael Anthony Spady as Jay, Gavin Bellour as Pat Hamill, Scott J. Klein as Harold Russell, Rocky Abou-Sakher as Mechanic Daniel, Trevor Gross as Martin, Timothy D. Klein as Janitor, James Tristan Moore as Angry Teen, Craig Young as Sloan's Coach, Theodore Conley as Young Matt Hamill, Brian Lantry as Bully #1, Gabe Stolt as Jason Sloan, Christopher Marvin as Rezac, Christine A. Klein as Marge Russell, Will Kurz as Young Pat Hamill, Andrew Grillo as Eli, Paul Burress as Coach, Stan Main as Announcer, Tyler Gross as Bully #2

Plot : A forthcoming of episode drama forging the being alive of Matt Hamill, the originally deaf wrestler to be successful a National Collegiate Wrestling Championship.

Run Time : USA:108 min

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Fifth Year Productions

Plot Summary : HAMILL is a sports drama depicting the attempts along with successes Matt Hamill faces on us to becoming a champion. Raised accompanied by those plus the capability to hear, Matt afterward finds himself no less a square peg inside a installment hole amidst the Deaf Community. Through downright determination, he pathways his perceived disability since an asset, along with becomes both the foremost deaf wrestler to prevail a National Collegiate Championship along with an exciting energy to the hearing along with deaf alike.

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