404 (2011)

Genres : Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Abhimanyu enrolls himself inside a healing institute plus gets a stable inside the hostel. He finds that ragging is rampant, began by Chris plus assorted seniors, on prone freshers thence a lot of thence that three days ago a student, Gaurav P. Gupte, wiped out himself. When he himself becomes a victim, he speaks out plus complains, major to suffer his stable trashed. He subsequently appeal that he troth moved to Room 404 – the exceedingly stable that was affianced by Gaurav. The authorities firstly repudiate because the stable has been less than lock plus main because the suicide plus nobody dared to occupy it. But Abhimanyu agrees plus guarantees each other that this will dispose of the myth interrelated along furthermore it, plus he is accordingly granted to do so.

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