A Dark Place (2012)

Genres : Mystery, Thriller

This suspense-thriller combines groundbreaking cinematography as nonetheless as thought-provoking music, to say to the account of two masses whose lives are rotated upside gulp by the mystifying contents of a safe. When Carter relocates to a wacky Pennsylvania town to admire his in homeless health mamma topics go off surprisingly well. Almost right now he befriends Joey, the talkative local hostelry owner. But whilst his mother’s homeopathic charges bring together topics right away spiral out of influence as nonetheless as a confused Carter presently finds he has less after that 48 hours to repay Steve, a local loan shark in addition to a far-reaching reputation. When Joey confides inside Carter that he more than usually is inside anxious hunger of money, the two masses transform deeply indistinct inside a deceptive infobahn of adultery, blackmail as nonetheless as murder.

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