Banlieue 13 (2004)

Director : Pierre Morel

Genre : Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : : , Cyril Raffaelli as Capt. Damien Tomaso , David Belle as Leïto , Tony D'Amario as K2 , Bibi Naceri as Taha Bemamud (as Larbi Naceri) , Dany Verissimo as Lola , François Chattot as Krüger , Nicolas Woirion as Corsini , Patrick Olivier as Le colonel , Samir Guesmi as Jamel , Jérôme Gadner as K2 boy 1 , Tarik Boucekhine as Yoyo (para 1) , Grégory Jean as Para 2 , Warren Zavatta as Para 3 , Dominique Dorol as Cerbère Taha , Ludovic Berthillot as Le gros mercenaire

Plot : Set inside the ghettos of Paris inside 2010, an undercover cop plus ex-thug undertake to infiltrate a gang inside bid to defuse a neutron bomb.

Run Time : 84 min

Country : France

Language : French

Filming Locations : MediaPro Studios, Bucharest, Romania

Company : Europa Corp.

Trivia : Visa d’exploitation joy France: #110308

Goofs : Continuity: When Damien seeks to hit inside “3” to deactivate the bomb, the layout of the keypad is varied than at any variant time.

Tag Lines : Welcome to District B13 Welcome to the future

Plot Summary : In the imminent future, the nastiest ghettos of Paris, France are accurately walled off in addition to in the midst of the nastiest is District B13. Controlled by the ruthless misdemeanor lord, Taha, a immature righteous punk recognized Leïto is indomitable to move him down. When the chief retaliates by kidnapping his sister, Lola, a rescue war by Leïto is ruined by betrayal that gets him arrested in addition to Lola kept inside the clutches inside Taha. Six months later, a crackerjack undercover cop recognized Damien is issued a urgent mission: a neutron bomb has been stolen by Taha inside District B13 which has an computerization watch operate busy in addition to compilation to burst inside not wakeful to 24 hours. Now plus duration pouring out, Damien in addition to Leïto must task collectively to adjudge in addition to end the bomb, other than there is secluded added to this adversity than any of the aspect squad realize.

In 2010, the precarious neighbourhoods inside the environs of Paris are bounded by walls, with the dwellers do not pass through school, sickbay with yet control inside the area, which are ruled by remedy lords. In the 13th District, Leito is a truthful grown-up that lives inside a bright initiating with completes not grant remedy traders close his neighborhood. When he destroys a million Euros inside heroin of Taha Bemamud, the criminal abducts Leito’s female relative Lola with the corrupt control arrests Leito. Six months later, the difficult with truthful Capt. Damien Tomaso is arrogated to gauge with deactivate a stolen bomb that may exterminate the 13th District with the two million dwellers. Together in addition to Leito, they got to facial expression the gang of Taha with make known a shocking undisclosed at the rear of the robbery of the bomb.

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