Cl.One (2005)

Director : Jason J. Tomaric

Genre : Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : : , Jeff St. Clair as Derek Strombourg , Gary Skiba as Joshua Adams , Bill Caco as Orin Stalward , Valerie Renee Law as Mira DelForna , Charles Eduardos as Harris , Steve Snyder as Galen , James Taddeo as Slater , Nick Zelletz as Kyle Albright , Michael K. Brown as Jurgen , Christine Lundblad as Melissa , Jen Sumerak as Laura Bristol , Sherrie McClain as Theresa Collins , Greg Mandryk as Jason Walters , Dick Evans as Elder , Dale Young as Elder

Plot : Humanity is on the verge of extinction succeeding nuclear fallout derive pleasure the battle renders every existing fad on Earth infertile… See more » |

Run Time : USA:112 min

Country : USA | UK

Language : English

Company : Belltower Productions

Trivia : Entire picture was picture digitally because sole $20,000.

Tag Lines : A New Kind of Warrior

Plot Summary : Humanity is on the verge of extinction following nuclear fallout like the attempt renders every existing fixation on Earth infertile. Chancellor Derek Strombourg, mourning the kicking of the bucket of his daughter, must contemplate the single being whose genetic compose may possibly ship living to thousands of dormant man clones. Fighting him is an underground riot besieged to slow down this splendid current like coming about into the workforce of Derek’s different universe order.

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