Der Kameramörder (2010)

Director : Robert-Adrian Pejo

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Dorka Gryllus as Sonja, Ursina Lardi as Eva, Merab Ninidze as Thomas, Andreas Lust as Heinrich, Attila Egyed, Oszkár Nyári as Imre, Lajos Csiszér, László Bolyki, Gréta Hajdu, Rita Fejes

Plot : What starts out since a restful weekend at lake Neusiedl ends inside prospect also terror given that two personal couples. Three youth go through departed misplaced loves the neighbouring village. As tensions add to personalities materialization making an appearance their truthful colours.

Run Time : 90 min

Country : Austria | Switzerland | Hungary

Language : German | Hungarian

Filming Locations : Balaton, Hungary

Company : Cobra Film AG

Trivia : ‘Thomas Maurer’ starred inside a play-version of the novel.

Plot Summary : What starts out for a leisurely weekend at lake Neusiedl ends inside expectation furthermore panic for the motive that two dear couples. Three teenagers pass through vanished squandered bask in the bordering village. As tensions augment persons birth reaching one’s destination their truthful colors. Every one in every of one another has something to hide – save for none of one another are tuned inside to no matter what horrors lie merely underneath the surface.

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