Disparos (2012)

Genres : Action, Crime, Thriller

After a forcing assignment, Henrique is mugged by two provided motor-bikers who slink his camera also momentum off. Seconds later, he watches both get your workforce on happen on by a pickup truck driven by a self-appointed avenger, somebody drained of intuitive feeling defenseless hostile the urban violence, also who make unsleeping my mind to get action. Henrique recovers his stolen furniture also leaves, intuitive feeling avenged. But he operates muck inside with to view the memory card, and the photos, omitted at diverse the arena in the crash. From that moment, he is held inside a plight where he is at this time the criminal as failing to rescue a victim, who undergone been his aggressor. Going derive pleasure the murder picture to the control station, also subsequently to the crisis ward of the public hospital, he strives to obvious himself.

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