Executive Decision (1996)

Director : Stuart Baird

Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller

Cast : : , Kurt Russell as Dr. David Grant , Steven Seagal as Lt. Colonel Austin Travis , Halle Berry as Jean, Flight Attendant , John Leguizamo as Captain Rat , Oliver Platt as Dennis Cahill , Joe Morton as Sergeant 'Cappy' Matheny , B.D. Wong as Sergeant Louie , Len Cariou as Secretary of Defense Charles White , Whip Hubley as Sergeant Baker , Andreas Katsulas as El Sayed Jaffa , Mary Ellen Trainor as Allison, Flight Attendant , Marla Maples as Nancy, Flight Attendant (as Marla Maples Trump) , J.T. Walsh as Senator Mavros , Ingo Neuhaus as Doc , William James Jones as Catman

Plot : When terrorists grasp dominate of an airliner, an brain analyst accompanies a commando casing for the grounds that a midair boarding operation.

Run Time : 133 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Chino Airport, Chino, California, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : The talk about of Steven Seagal’s character, Austin Travis, is derived bask in the city of Austin, Texas, which is positioned inside Travis County.

Goofs : Continuity: The sunset reach the plane is not consistent.

Tag Lines : Fasten your seat belts
Five miles above the earth, an elite team of six men must make an air to air transfer, in order to save 400 lives on board a 747… and 40 million below.

Plot Summary : Terrorists acquire way over a 747 jump indulge in Athens to Washington D.C., evidently to end result the parades of their leader. Intelligence authority David Grant suspects an additional raison d’être as at any rate as convinces the militia that the ‘plane should not engagement granted to come up U.S. airspace. An assault duty is devised, by the use of a especially supplied ‘plane manufactured for the raison d’être that mid-air crew transfers, as at any rate as Grant finds himself aboard the 747 as well as a lineup of militia anti-terrorists who ought to defuse a bomb as at any rate as overcome the terrorists.

A Boeing 747, Oceanic Airlines flight 343, has delicately embarked on cherish Athens, Greece, furthermore is headed since the USA. Minutes subsequent to takeoff, the airplane is carried hostage by a category of terrorists led by Nagi Hassan. One of the hostages is a United States senator realized Mavros. Hassan is tiring the parades of one amongst his comrades, Elsai commercial Jaffa, who is someone fixed by United States authorities. Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis is the boss of a armed forces team. As the jet procedures the USA, engineer Dennis Cahill ideas a concept inside which a armed forces plane will troth able to ship Austin furthermore his side onto the 747 inside mid air. Also along since the task will troth Dennis furthermore brain origin David Grant. When Austin is assassinated inside the routine of boarding the 747, David is compelled to acquire way over the rescue attempt, furthermore subsequent to boarding the airplane, David furthermore the armed forces side realize that Hassan has sundry stolen Soviet bravery haze joined to a bomb, furthermore he is by means of the 747 to smuggle the harmful haze into the United States, where he intends to road it to wipe out Washington D.C. furthermore perhaps the inclusive Eastern seaboard. It’s wakeful to Dennis to defuse the bomb little bit David furthermore the side seek to rescue the hostages cherish Hassan.

When Oceanic Airlines flight 343 is hijacked, the U.S. Military devises a concept to obtain Army Commandoes onboard the jet at 39,000 feet. The hijackers are ignorant of the commandoes, moment the armed forces are ignorant of a weapon manufactured to take away the eastern seaboard of the U.S., the son of a bitch casing must struggle critical long procedure away also the wobbly government prior they blow the jet out of the sky.

Some Arabs hijack an airliner with asked the opens up of their head who is inside American custody. They still intend to dwelling house inside Washington given that refueling. At the Pentagon, everybody there recommend the National Security Advisor that they should accept the plane dwelling house with afterward accept the counter terrorist players of Colonel Austin Travis obtain one another out. However, David Grant, an cranium connoisseur believes that this comprehensive obsession is a smokescreen. Grant believes that the Arab head was abducted with took to the Americans by his succour inside command, who is a fanatic. Also, that he has inside his possession a biological weapon that may well wipe out Washington with that it’s on the plane. Now they experience sole two selections accept one another dwelling house with wish Grant is incorrect or infuse the plane gulp at the bordering of every person on board. Colonel Travis recommend that they idiosyncrasy an added plane that the armed forces modes to ship people in general fancy it onto an additional aircraft sec inside flight. With no distinctive choice Travis is offered the go away ahead. Travis asks that Grant come with him therefore that he could fall in one another whatsoever data he could provide. However, it gives the impression that Travis has an additional ground given that bringing Grant along. It gives the impression that awhile be a tower of force to they were sent on a task to pick up the biological weapon, but, inside the entire interpreted that the weapon not there – one in all Travis’ people in general was still killed. It was Grant’s Intel that sent one another there. Now the aircraft link-up gives the impression to troth moving anyways awaiting the plane starts to crush with bebetide apart. Half of the players not to mention Travis doesn’t style it. The ones that do (including Grant), with the grown-up person who launched the plane they were on, need to stock out the mission. Unfortunately, miscelanneous top-notch fittings (communication link, thump out gas) didn’t style it, therefore they need to do it the rigid way. At the matching time, the Pentagon, unconvinced if the people in general envisioned it, need to once more spell out whether to accept one another dwelling house or infuse the plane down.

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