Girl with No Number (2010)

Director : Michael Gleissner

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Bebe Pham as Phuong Ly , Jay Laisne as Mitch Mallory , Elina Madison as Connie Mallory , Adrienne Ugarte as Anna Mallory , Luong The Thanh as Tran Hieu , Nguyen Thi Cieu Xuan as Kim Ngan , Kersten Hui as Mr. Chin , Clint Jung as Vu , Lori Blackburn as Marta , Sue Winchester as Detective Reese , Les Wolf as Detective Joplin , David Sigmund as American #1 , Alexander Schottky as American #2 , Christian J. Meoli as Mr. Johnson , Greg Curda as Dr. Withers , Sunny Doench as Nancy Wilson , Nguyen Duc Trung as Duc , Kim Tuyen as Girl #8 , Hien Trang as Girl #9 , Thanh Ha as Girl #17 , Nguyen Quoc Tuan as Hotel Desk Clerk , Nguyen Van Hoc as Hotel Manager , Nguyen Ngoc Diem as Hotel Front Desk Staff , Thai Nhu Uyen as Hotel Front Desk Staff , Truong Minh Quang as Bellboy #1 , Bui Quang Dat as Bellboy #2 , Vinh Nghi as Bride #1 , Huong Thao as Bride #2 , Thu Ha as Bride #3 , Tuyet Trinh as Girl #1 , Thu Thuy as Girl #3 , Thanh Hang as Girl #21 , Thanh Van as Bride #3's Mother , Nguyen Minh Trung as Goon #1 , Huynh Hai Minh as Goon #2 , Nguyen Thi Minh Hien as Hotel Staff , Dinh Dinh Hieu as Hotel Staff , Huynh Ngoc Thuy as Hotel Staff , Nguyen An Trach as Mr. Ong , Pham Thuy Uyen as Mrs. Ong , Tra Nguyen as Wealthy Girl , Huy Nguyen as Government Clerk , Vu Duy Hung as Government Officer , Nguyen Thai An as Beautiful Girl , Lieng Kha Han as Beautiful Girl , Dieu Hien as Beautiful Girl , Truc Lan as Beautiful Girl , Nguyen Thi Be Nhi as Beautiful Girl , Pham Thien Thanh as Beautiful Girl , Pham Anh Thu as Beautiful Girl , Nguyen Thanh Thuy as Beautiful Girl , Phuong Tram as Beautiful Girl , Thien Tranh as Beautiful Girl , Van Khanh as Beautiful Girl , Nguyen Ngoc Han as Thao , Michael Gleissner as Bergmann , Angie Vu Ha as Barmaid other cast: , Michael Bruggink as Hunky Guy, Shanna Beauchamp as Catwoman, Konstanze Pelargus as Custodial Lady, Richard Hearsey as S&M Customer, Nguy Thanh Lan as 16 yo sister, Eva Fydrych as Girl with thorns, Boston Stergis as Uncle Brock, Rebecca Chen as Lounge Girl, Alexia Roggeri as Girl with thorns, Kevin Reams as S&M Customer, Hunter Prescott as S&M Customer, Tran Bich Hang as Yen Khe, Dang Ngoc Chieu as Bride 2's Mother, Hoang Duyen as Tran's Maid, Sally Sasan as Girl with candle, Earl Mullen as S&M Customer, Jovi Ann Vergano as Girl on dentist chair, Vaibhau Rana as S&M Doorman, Corinna Prinkey as Gas Mask Girl, Angie Lee as Girl in chains, Ta Chi Hai as Tran's Gardener, Roberto Alegria as S&M Customer, Cao Thi Thu Phuong as 18 yo sister, Jenny Do as Girl in wax room, Ngo Van Luc as Tai Xe, Nguyen Hoang Nam as VL Police, Gina Tng as Lounge Girl, Tran Thi Hoai An as Mrs. Tiet

Plot : In Vietnam, Phuong Ly – the young, striking baby girl of an impoverished fruit vendor – is deeply inside love… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Cebu, Visayas, Philippines

Company : Bigfoot Entertainment

Plot Summary : In Vietnam, Phuong Ly – the young, eye-catching female descendant of an impoverished fruit vendor – is deeply inside love, other than once her boyfriend’s looking good mama engineers their break-up, Phuong Ly embarks on a length afar from the conclude lot she has constantly known. She travels to the earlier Saigon seeking given that work, as a result she may carry her department cherish drowning inside debt. The sly proprietor of a nuptial company endeavors to worker her given that a distant husband. While Phuong Ly resists at first, she subsequently concurs to cross-check the anticipation furthermore finally ends up individual tricked furthermore coerced into a marriage ceremony also a seemingly compassionate American. She soars to the domicile of promise, awaiting the best, other than rapidly discovers that she has fallen into a trap. Being compelled into slavery, violated by her brutal brand new partner furthermore abused by his accomplice – his existent helpmate – Phuong Ly’s hardly ray of expect is the click she categories also a special-needs youngster furthermore joined they hunt given that a strategy out of their imprisoned lives.

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