Guilt & Sentence (2010)

Director : Spencer T. Folmar

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Daniel Mason as Peter Ackerman , Stormi Rebo as Janis Fehling , Britt Reinke as Bret Lyers , Stephen Fenush as Donald Meyers , Kristyna Smulligan as Dr. Reams , Paul Monella as David , Jacob Strouse as Joe Patton , E. Bernhard Warg as Roger , Mark Hanslovan as Young Peter , Robert Hall as Jake , Joan Cirillo as Doris , Elizabeth Ann Canner as Sandra , Sandy Reinke as Tiffany Patton , Leesa Folmar as Librarian , AnnaLiese Nachman as Lois , Samantha Smitchko as Crystal , Nicholas Dittman as Devon , Brandon Kephart as Young Bret , Kristen Jezek as Accident Woman , Kimberly Hunter as Peter's Mother , Bob Ciirillo as Policeman , Thomas Mullen as Judge , Danielle Lewis as Correctional Officer Woman , Andew Georgino as Security Guard , Katie Houston as Receptionist , Donnie Nardelli as Paramedic , Thomas Folmar as Seth Patton , Joseph Zelenky as Police Officer 2 , Jason Valentine as Police Officer 3 , Mathew Natoli as Correctional Officer Man , Bryan Houdeshell Jr. as Correctional Officer Man 2 , Michael Hughes as Band Leader (voice) , Patricia Rebo as Homeless Lady , Amanda Keifer as Nurse , David Mason as Defense Attorney , Jeff J. Spanogle as Prosecuting Attorney , Shelly Spanogle as Stenographer , Spencer T. Folmar as Jail Warden

Plot : A drama of two engrossed with cast down individuals, Janis miserable like anguish & Peter a social worker, who are without end bent behind a demanding incident occurs. Exploring paranoia, the effects of guilt, with the electricity of right redemption.

Run Time : USA:119 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Clearfield, Pennsylvania, USA

Company : SpenceTF Productions

Trivia : Director Spencer T. Folmar wrote, orchestrated also edited this show ahead of his 21st Birthday.

Plot Summary : The storyline is a thought-provoking drama of two missing with stricken groups of people who are without end intertwined behind a nerve-racking episode occurs. Janis, a twenty-year-old man who is scuffling with depression, removes the blame given that Peter, who move because a social personnel hiding a stricken past. This flick will inspect distinct sides of guy disposition with no matter what paranoia, suspicion, with specifically the fat of guilt with its consequences. The yarn explores the tips of soul-searching with shows the electricity of specific redemption. This flick has ingredients of surrealism, as well as a knocking for six with gripping storyline. The fat of guilt may well eat in distinct places at an individual, with this is merely no matter what happens to Peter Ackerman. The name of this flick pays homage to Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime & Punishment’ with various of the blueprint column follows as well as that classic novel.

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