Kenneyville (2010)

Director : Brooks Hunter

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Michael Scratch as Adrian, Vanessa Broze as Kelly, Saffron Cassaday as Alexis Birmingham, Irena Angelousta as Victoria, Josef Malonzo as Ben, Dany Gehshan as Charlie, Nick Maiorino as Marshall, Kelsey Oluk as Kim, Doran Damon as Donovan

Plot : There is something fatally off beam and Kenneyville. When, a tender woman, KIM (Kelsey Oluk), enjoys Toronto… See more » |

Country : Canada

Language : English

Filming Locations : Northfield, Québec, Canada

Company : Robanzo Pictures

Plot Summary : There is something savagely mistaken along furthermore Kenneyville. When, a immature woman, KIM (Kelsey Oluk), delight in Toronto perform wasted with check mysteriously the case before expected, two personal detectives are hired to assess her. With undercover aliases, CHARLIE (Dany Gehshan) with KELLY (Vanessa Broze) compartment to the minute town of Kenneyville for the motive that resolutions behind uncovering front-page clues. Upon briefing seemingly meaningless locals, they finish up inside a pothering condition of violence where Charlie is mortally beaten with Kelly is ruthlessly kidnapped. Charlie awakens inside stun along furthermore an extra mission: to assess with excepting his husband with ascertain if Kim’s kidnappers are the identical since Kelly’s. We before long understand the terrible detail at the back of both women’s disappearances. ADRIAN BLACK, a local scientist with businessman, has been collecting meaningless mature women for the motive that experiments inside initiating brainwashed assassins. Charlie before long discovers simply how deep the rabbit crater perform with in due course learns which pothering "mega-organization" has hired Adrian to make these ruthless killing machines. "Kenneyville" is full of forceful action, multipart mystery, with illustrates an implausible case inside point of how innovative, autonomous filmmakers might produce an epic voyage on a low budget.

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