Laser Moon (1992)

Director : Douglas K. Grimm

Release Date : October 1992 (USA)

Genre : Crime, Thriller

Cast : : , Traci Lords as Barbara Fleck , Crystal Shaw as Jacelyn , Harrison Le Duke as Zane Wolf , Bruce Carter as Detective Vincent Musso , Peter Boyles as Bernie Bernard , Eric Goche as Andy , Michael Hidrogo as Cruz , Gail Russell as Maria , Marilyn Garman as Angela Von Killian , Douglas Brown as Dr. Kostikov , Curt Layman as Lt. Mandell , Heidi Morrow as Heidi , Steve Stephenson as Lawyer , Douglas K. Grimm as Jimmy Zipper , Bob the Cat as Bob

Plot : A wireless DJ helps two control detectives search sip a current drama series killer who kills grown persons via a surgical laser apparatus in the course of every jam-packed moon plus whom headings taunting write to demands the wireless station.

Run Time : 91 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Company : Fitzgerald Film Corporation

Tag Lines : A beautiful cop. A psycho-sexual maniac. A lethal game of cat and mouse.

Plot Summary : Someone is killing women plus a laser to the temple at many the rostrum in the filled moon (hence the title, draw it?). An all-night DJ whose marital relationship plus ratings are crumbling gets the killer to speak to him. He helps the detectives to attempt plus direction him out, other than risks the fury of the killer critical himself or his estranged wife.

Zane Wolf is a transistor disk jockey since a little transistor station whose conjugal relationship is on the rocks furthermore is yet causing an business as well as an added man who ignores him. But there’s a programme killer flaccid whom kills mature men every choked moon inside their houses as well as a surgical laser. Cynical veteran watch spy Musso is paired as well as clueless rookie Barbara Fleck to contemplate the killer previous he knocks again. The detectives streets as well as Zane cross-breed as a horrible teen man, accepted Andy, phones the transistor station succeeding every killing to own wide awake to furthermore kid Zane with commenting to the killings. Musso furthermore Fleck attempt to compilation a ambush since Andy, bit Zane has variegated designs of his own since the mystifying masked killer.

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