Lily Rose (2012)

Genres : Thriller

A teen studious man, Jake, behave with facets to his day after day life, in no way straying cherish his typical daily basis routine. One sunlight hours he meets the the dame who may soon amend his life, Lily Rose. From foremost zero in on Jake grasps there is something really unusual with facets to Lily, save for as a ending of his shy persona chooses not to advance her. One sunlight hours they reach one another furthermore Jake feels obliged to drift cherish his habit furthermore impertinence his shyness inside an attempt to ascertain extra with facets to her. As a result, over easily a friendship begins to form. Despite Lily’s warnings to Jake that she is not craving given that a severe relationship, they both set out to collapse love. Both of each other grow closer furthermore closer till lone day, it the comprehensive lot behave wrong. Jake behave weeks without hearing cherish Lily, forsaking him lonesome furthermore distraught. It is subsequently that he is confronted and the news flash that endlessly varied his life.

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