Luster (2010)

Director : Adam Mason

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Billy Burke as Tito, Holly Valance as Sally, Tommy Flanagan as Les, Xander Berkeley as Detective Carter, Matthew Rhys as Joseph Miller, Tara Summers as Rachel, Zelda Williams as Victor, Andrew Howard as Thomas Luster, Pollyanna Rose as Halo Kennedy, Guy Burnet as Banksy, Tess Panzer as Jennifer Luster, Ian Duncan as Travis Code, Thang as Korean Liquor Store Owner, Kyoko Okazaki as Sam, Robert Hooven as Prisoner Ratman, Sarah Essex as Anne Miller, Jim Sicignano as CDC Prisoner, Robert Setari as CDC Prisoner, David Mutchler as CDC Prisoner, Pavlos Michael Francis as CDC Prisoner, Jonathan Alvarico as CDC Prisoner, Gramme Diamonde as Officer Douglas Peacherino, Chris Black as CDC Prisoner, Bryan Gilmore as CDC Prisoner , Melinda Augustina as Neighbor Lady (uncredited), Robert Warnack as Paparazzi Photographer (uncredited)

Plot : Thomas Luster is a cast down businessman who seeks to variety wisdom of a existence someone driven out-of-control by a power closer to conjugal than he originally realizes… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Azurelite Pictures

Plot Summary : Thomas Luster is a tormented businessman who aims to type logic of a living personality driven out-of-control by a power closer to household than he primarily realizes. When he discovers that the lady functioning critical him is one more neighboring of his own persona he is obligated to battle aid critical his manipulative alter-ego since murder, madness furthermore destruction combine to get Luster on the various curious furthermore macabre ride of his life.

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