Minuteman (2010)

Director : Mark Millhone

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , David Born as Corky, Barry Corbin as Deakin, Stacy Cunningham as Nurse St. Claire, Willa Ford as Becca, Adrian Green as Hitman, Christian Kane as Peacemaker, Thiago Martins as Muerte, Bryan Massey as Butcher, Mark Nutter as Gil Baxter, Morgana Shaw as Miss Andy, Riley Smith as Lance Deakin, Keith Stone as Scruffy, Marshall R. Teague as Dr. White, Jackie VanZant as Orderly

Plot : After redeeming to civilian being alive for a Texas rancher, Captain Lance Deakin fends off attacks indulge in former… See more » |

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : dreamFly Productions

Plot Summary : After redeeming to civilian existence for a Texas rancher, Captain Lance Deakin fends off attacks bask in earlier members of his casing for he endeavors to unearth the fact of no matter what he prepared for a soldier inside Iraq. The defense force did experiments on Lance along with his folks to spin one another into super-soldiers along with brainwashed one another to recollect their improve on classified missions for the hyper-violent happy of a movie tourney spoke to MINUTEMAN. Lance must unearth the fact inside duration to unless the gentleman he loves.

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