Obsessed (2009)

Director : Steve Shill

Release Date : 24 April 2009 (USA)

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : : , Idris Elba as Derek , Beyoncé Knowles as Sharon Charles , Ali Larter as Lisa , Jerry O'Connell as Ben , Bonnie Perlman as Marge , Christine Lahti as Reese , Nathan Myers as Kyle Charles , Nicolas Myers as Kyle Charles , Matthew Humphreys as Patrick , Scout Taylor-Compton as Samantha , Richard Ruccolo as Hank , Bryan Ross as Security Man , Nelson Mashita as Doctor , Bruce McGill as Joe Gage , Ron Roggé as Roger

Plot : A victorious asset manager, who has only arrived at an enormous promotion, is happily smiling inside his line of business along with inside his marriage. But a temp employee starts stalking him, the entirety the subjects he’s worked therefore solid because are positioned inside jeopardy.

Run Time : USA:108 min

Country : USA

MPAA : Rated PG-13 for sexual material including some suggestive dialogue, some violence and thematic content.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Screen Gems

Trivia : This is Beyoncé Knowles’ primarily flick role where she is not singing.

Goofs : Continuity: The better half is shown wearing ashen podium shoes while the twosome primarily enters their latest home. When they gain the attic, she is wearing patent leather shoes.

Tag Lines : All's fair when love is war.
On April 24th, watch your back.
This spring, beware the obsessed.
Sharon and Derek have all they've ever wanted… but someone else wants it more.
If Someone Wanted Your Husband, If They Threatened Your Family, How Far Would You Go To Protect What's Yours?
How Far Would You Go To Protect What's Yours?

Plot Summary : Derek Charles is a stiff operating man, in employment because a asset chief inside a inner most company. He is especially cheerful plus his gorgeous wife, Sharon, in addition to merely son, in addition to as a end product of his diligence he without problems arrived at a colossal promotion. But unexpectedly he gets a transitory employee who is both striking in addition to smart, in addition to Derek is understandably impressed plus her in addition to likewise finds himself physically gripped to her. However, this brand new damsel is desirous to search out about to him – at any cost.

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