Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

Director : Robert Rodriguez

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller, Western

Cast : : , Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi , Salma Hayek as Carolina , Johnny Depp as Sands , Mickey Rourke as Billy , Eva Mendes as Ajedrez , Danny Trejo as Cucuy , Enrique Iglesias as Lorenzo , Marco Leonardi as Fideo , Cheech Marin as Belini , Rubén Blades as Jorge FBI , Willem Dafoe as Barillo , Gerardo Vigil as Marquez , Pedro Armendáriz Jr. as El Presidente (as Pedro Armendariz) , Julio Oscar Mechoso as Advisor , Tito Larriva as Cab Driver

Plot : Hitman “El Mariachi” becomes immersed inside international espionage relating to a psychotic CIA source furthermore a corrupt Mexican general.

Run Time : 102 min | Italy:101 min (Venice Film Festival)

Country : USA

Language : English | Spanish

Filming Locations : Guanajuato, Mexico

Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation

Trivia : The previous film Robert Rodriguez wrote since a member of the Writers’ Guild of America. He disappeared the WGA subsequent to effecting the draft phrasing that they “have more than usually lots of paths along with merely seize your money.” He may afterward quit the Directors’ Guild of America inside too soon 2004, ahead of the filming of Sin City (2005).

Goofs : Factual errors: The Gun that Ajedrez peculiarities is a revolver along furthermore a silencer, except revolvers may well not engagement silenced.

Tag Lines : The Time Has Come.

Plot Summary : In this sequel to ‘Desperado’, a Mexican prescription lord pretends to overthrow the Mexican government, as in any case as is up-to-date to a corrupt CIA cause who at that time, apply settling of scores relishes his foulest rival to keep out the prescription lord’s rebellion opposition the government.

Once upon a time… it is a stretch of snag is Mexico. The Mexican president has declared struggle on the Barillo antidote cartel, who has purposes to oppose accommodate by support a coup by General Marquez to overthrow the government. Agent Sands of the CIA is in the midst of it the entirety aiming to make certain Marquez do NOT succeed… by driving the divisive lighted on man-for-hire El Mariachi (Antonio Bandares) out of retirement. El Mariachi, following the decease of his mate also female descendant life in the beginning (from the prior to movie ‘Desperado’), no longer requests to fight, other than he might not suffer a choice. At Culiacan, Barillo also Marquez suffer group a tempt for the cause that the president, also Sands desire El Mariachi to remove Marquez following the coup. El Mariachi wrote to upon his two brothers for the cause that the previous showdown… To except the revolution. Who will remain repute at the end?

The flick is commensurate with the yarn of a treatment lord Barrillo, who pretends to overthrow the Mexican president. Within the drama, an extra of the indispensable folks is a corrupt CIA origin Sands who at that time, request revenge bask in his poorest opponent inside apply to hold out the treatment lord’s rebel critical the government. El Mariachi (Antonio Bandares) is recruited by Sands to confiscate General Marquez (has a colossal score to serene also the Mariachi), who has key pork also Mariachi to set out with. He transmits Cucuy (the muscle because Sands) to shadow in addition to stock tabs on the Mariachi. Marquez is acting also Barrillo, in addition to is getting all set to assassinate the president in addition to suppose power. Sands still convinces Jorge Ramirez (a retired FBI agent, who has archaic scores to serene also Barrillo) to commence of retirement in addition to confiscate Barrillo in addition to Dr. Guevera (personal Dr. to Barrillo, massacred Jorge’s better half a lasting ago), who sternly tortured in addition to massacred Ramirez’ FBI partner.

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