Parallel Life (2010)

Director : Ho-Young Kwon

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Jun-wu Bae as Blue team member 1, Eun-chan Choi as Hyeon-seong Yu's daughter's child, Min-geum Choi as Crying plaintiff 1, Jung-woo Ha, Won-seok Jang as Photographer, Jin-hee Ji, Dong-wu Kang as Male nurse, Bong-seong Kim as National bureau worker, Dae-jin Kim as Detective, Jeong-min Kwon as Hyeon-seong Yu, Dong-gyu Lee as Blue team member 2, Hun-jae Lee as Accused – KIm Doo-jong, Jae-eung Lee as Hyeon-seong Yu's daughter, Jong-hyeok Lee, Seong-jin Oh as Court security 3, Kyeong-won Park as Court security 1, Sang-hyeok Park as Doctor, Sa-rang Park, Kang-ho Seo as Blue team member 3, Ho-seong Shim, Jeong-man Sin as Phone booth man, Sae-ah Yoon

Plot : KIM Suk-hyun is Korea’s teenybopper appointed criminal court type judge, extraordinarily celebrated because his sane rulings… See more » |

Run Time : 110 min

Country : South Korea

Language : Korean

Company : CJ Entertainment

Plot Summary : KIM Suk-hyun is Korea’s fledging appointed criminal court classification judge, entirely celebrated given that his capable of being trusted rulings. It is sooner than his court that the case of recognized mathematics professor SOHN Ki-chul’s murder of his mate is presented. While inspecting SOHN’s file, Suk-hyun finds SOHN’s vitality really similarities Kurt Gödel’s. But KIM believes providence is what on earth solitary models of it, also without difficulty respects SOHN since a wild older professor who execute his wife. One day, Suk-hyun gets a fiddly drop a line to communicate with horrible the lives of his wife, Yoon-kyung, also his immature daughter. Before long, Yoon-kyung turns wide awake dead, also SOHN dies of starvation-just cherish Gödel.

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