Reign of Fire (2002)

Director : Rob Bowman

Genre : Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Cast : : , Christian Bale as Quinn Abercromby , Matthew McConaughey as Denton Van Zan , Izabella Scorupco as Alex Jensen , Gerard Butler as Creedy , Scott Moutter as Jared Wilke (as Scott James Moutter) , David Kennedy as Eddie Stax , Alexander Siddig as Ajay , Ned Dennehy as Barlow , Rory Keenan as Devon , Terence Maynard as Gideon , Doug Cockle as Goosh , Randall Carlton as Burke (Tito) , Chris Kelly as Mead , Ben Thornton as Young Quinn , Alice Krige as Karen Abercromby

Plot : A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges savours the globe as in any case as begins surroundings fire to everything, initiating dominance excess of the planet.

Run Time : 101 min

Country : UK | Ireland | USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Ardmore Studios – Herbert Road, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

Company : Spyglass Entertainment

Trivia : It was filmed inside Ireland, inside the Wicklow Mountains. They were main permitted to picture there not wide awake to the illness that they shut down fully behind themselves, without catastrophic the landscape.

Goofs : Errors inside geography: Part of the picture is compilation inside treacherous stack terrain, evidently inside Norfolk – famously one among the flattest counties inside England, and hardly lone hill growing far more than 300 feet on overshadow of marine level.

Tag Lines : Fight Fire With Fire
The Battle Ignites July 12
They're extremely intelligent. Highly evolved. And they don't like sharing the planet.

Plot Summary : It is twenty time inside the future, also the world has been smashed by brutal fire-breathing dragons. The concluding vestiges of mankind at the moment effort because existence inside at far ouposts. In a devastated castle inside the English countryside, Quinn is desperately aiming to lodge mutually a band of frightened, anticipating survivors. As a boy, Quinn watched his mama pass away protecting him like one in every of the beasts, also is furthermore haunted by the memory. One day, a categorization of American rouges shows up, led by a brash, tough-guy seen Van Zam. He claims to undergo observed a modus operandi to destroy the dragons only once also because all, also enlists Quinn’s help. But doing therefore will oomph Quinn to challenge his own overwhelming memories. This, also Quinn’s household tasks to those that are below his protection, consequence inside a fight of wills between the two men. In the end, occurrences bring on one another both to understand that they must activity mutually to dashing hopes the monsters–both without also within.

A 12 each year elderly Quinn Abercromby accompanies his mum to activity one and only sunlight hours at a London tunneling project, his witnesses the unintentional innovation a centuries elderly fire-breathing dragon beast plus waken it relishes it’s sleep. After witnesses the beast exterminate his mum the motion picture jumps twenty life later on to a grown wakeful Quinn who is the "fire chief" inside a refugee camp. Unexpectedly an American armed forces boss shows wakeful at the camp along furthermore a heading of citizenry that he apply "slayers." Van Zan plus Quinn employ inside a voltage struggle, prior accomplishing it’s the dragons they should engagement exchanging blows instead.

In contemporary London, twelve-year-old Quinn watches because his mother, a construction engineer, accidentally wakes a massive fire-breathing beast loves its century-long slumber. Twenty existence later, a good deal of of the universe has been scarred by the beast with its offspring. As a fire chief, Quinn is adult because keeping off the beasts with keeping an area in existence because they eke out a meager existence. Into their midst crop up a hotshot American, Van Zan, who says he has a peculiarity to eradicate the beasts with unless hucivilization – a peculiarity Quinn’s not at all got wind done. Fuses a mediaeval precedent days and a post-apocalyptic cropping up inside this bold account of exploration with survival.

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