Rules of Engagement (2000)

Director : William Friedkin

Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller, War

Cast : : , Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Hayes 'Hodge' Hodges , Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Terry L. Childers , Guy Pearce as Maj. Mark Biggs , Ben Kingsley as Ambassador Mourain , Bruce Greenwood as National Security Advisor Bill Sokal , Anne Archer as Mrs. Mourain , Blair Underwood as Capt. Lee , Philip Baker Hall as Gen. H. Lawrence Hodges , Dale Dye as Gen. Perry , Amidou as Dr. Ahmar , Mark Feuerstein as Tom Chandler , Richard McGonagle as Judge Col. E. Warner , Baoan Coleman as Col. Binh Le Cao , Nicky Katt as Hayes Hodges III , Ryan Hurst as Capt. Hustings

Plot : An attorney defends an official on practice session for the basis that ordering his troops to fire on civilians succeeding they stormed a U.S. embassy inside a third globe country.

Run Time : 128 min

Country : USA | Canada | UK | Germany

Language : English | Arabic

Filming Locations : Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Company : Paramount Pictures

Trivia : The USS Wake Island LHA-7 is missing in addition to not an genuine US Navy ship. The transfer observed inside the picture is really the USS Tarawa LHA-1.

Goofs : Factual errors: The Court-Martial board seasoned many Lieutenant Colonels inactive on it. Since Childers is a Full Colonel, the entirety of the members should experience been comparable or higher class on the responses of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

Tag Lines : A hero should never have to stand alone.

Plot Summary : Hayes Hodges finds his profession aspirations dashed whilst he’s incapacitated inside Vietnam combat. He subsequently earnings to America as anyhow as becomes a frustrated lawyer who functions wide awake opposition the provision to maintain Colonel Terry Childers, who is accused of inciting an occasion that vegetation scores of demonstrators dead. Hodges inside no mind-set to decline: Childers heroically protected his vitality oblige inside Vietnam.

Colonel Terry Childers is a 30-year Marine veteran: a garlanded officer as well as take on labor under inside Vietnam, Beirut plus Desert Storm. But now, the nation he did any person a good turn thence anyways has deposit him on preparation given that a rescue ordeal that went disgustingly wrong. For his attorney, he has chosen Marine Colonel Hayes Hodges, a comrade-in-arms who owes his existence to Childers. Hodges is not the paramount lawyer inside the service, nevertheless Childers trusts him for a male relative Marine who knows anything it’s cherish to threat demise below fire. Bound by function plus friendship, Hodges reluctantly takes out the case, yet for he begins to question the grown-up who protected his existence inside Vietnam three period ago.

Colonel Terry Childers is a 30 per annum occupation Marine. When he is ordered to go away the American Embassy inside Yemen, whilst it’s acquired that issues there are commencing to unravel. After evacuating the Ambassador as nonetheless as his family, Childers directions his citizenry to fire at the group bring about he believes that they are armed. Back inside the U.S., most officials expectation that there’ll troth a backlash opposed to peculiar embassies as nonetheless as Americans, if Childers assert is proven to troth true. So they pass through make wakeful my mind to type Childers a scapegoat. Childers asks Colonel Hayes Hodges, a gentleman whom he knew as nonetheless as backed up inside Vietnam to uphold him. And minute there is no signal or witness that may possibly give assistance to Childers’ claim, Hodges feels that he owes it to Childers to do no matter what he can.

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