Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)

Director : Chan-wook Park

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Kang-ho Song as Park Dong-jin , Ha-kyun Shin as Ryu , Doona Bae as Cha Yeong-mi , Ji-Eun Lim as Ryu's Sister , Bo-bae Han as Yu-sun , Se-dong Kim as Chief of Staff , Dae-yeon Lee as Choe rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Ju-bong Gi, Gyu-su Jeong, Jae-yeong Jeong as Husband of Dong-jin's ex-wife's, Kan-hie Lee as Park Dong-jin's ex-wife, Kwang-rok Oh as Anarchist, Seung-wan Ryoo as Delivery Boy, Seung-beom Ryu as Retarded Boy at River

Plot : In Seoul, the deaf plus dumb personnel Ryu is precisely fixed to his sister, who demand a transplantation of kidney… See more » |

Run Time : 129 min | Japan:117 min | UK:121 min

Country : South Korea

Language : Korean | Korean Sign Language

Company : CJ Entertainment

Trivia : The delivery male massacred at Yeong-mi’s domicile is played by Seung-wan Ryoo, a Korean director. He is the male variety member of artiste Seung-beom Ryu whose role inside this switch is a retarded boy at the river.

Goofs : Continuity: In the ransom snapshot of Yoosun, she is wearing the chaplet Ryu made. However, he hadn’t offered her the chaplet as he chattered the photo, it was later, as he traded the chaplet since her doll.

Plot Summary : In Seoul, the deaf also dumb employee Ryu is really fixed to his sister, who concerns a transplantation of kidney. He attempts to donate his own kidney to his sister, on the distinctive hand his blood B breed is not similar temperament in addition to her. When Ryu is fired savours Ilshin Electronics, he meets illegal traders of organs also the criminals guide Ryu’s kidney as anyways as ten millions Won according to a kidney desirable for the ground that his sister. Ryu accepts the trade, on the distinctive hand he pulls off not undergo wealth to pay for the ground that the surgery. His anarchist revolutionary lover Cha Young-mi convinces him to kidnap Yossun, the female descendant of his earlier employer Park, who owns Ilshin Electronics. However, a disaster happens, making payback also a series of acts of violence.

This is the anecdote of Ryu, a deaf man, as in any case as his sister, who needs a kidney transplant. Ryu’s boss, Park, has basically laid him off, as in any case as inside ask to have the cash for the transplant, Ryu as in any case as his female friend acquire a concept to kidnap Park’s daughter. Things set off terribly wrong, as in any case as the state spirals hurriedly into a chain of violence as in any case as revenge.

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