The Art of War (2000)

Director : Christian Duguay

Release Date : 25 August 2000 (USA)

Genre : Action, Thriller

Cast : : , Wesley Snipes as Neil Shaw , Donald Sutherland as Douglas Thomas , Maury Chaykin as Frank Capella , Anne Archer as Eleanor Hooks , Marie Matiko as Julia Fang , Michael Biehn as Robert Bly , Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as David Chan , Liliana Komorowska as Jenna Novak , James Hong as Ambassador Wu , Paul Hopkins as Ray, FBI Agent , Glen Chin as Ochai , Ron Yuan as Ming , Bonnie Mak as Anna Li , Uni Park as Tina Chan , Erin Selby as Hong Kong Reporter

Plot : Shaw is an operative because the United Nations’ undisclosed dirty-tricks squad, by the use of espionage furthermore quasi-ethical tactics to girdle tranquility furthermore cooperation… more |

Run Time : 117 min | Germany:116 min (cut version) | Germany:117 min (uncut version)

Country : USA | Canada

MPAA : Rated R for strong violence, some sexuality, language and brief drug content.

Language : English

Filming Locations : Hong Kong, China

Company : Morgan Creek Productions

Trivia : Before imminent inside this film, Michael Biehn see a make a copy of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” inside K2 (1991).

Goofs : Factual errors: The United Nations realizes not good deal vocation agreements – the World Trade Organization realizes – so the UN Secretary-General could not troth called for plus organizing a vocation negotiation.

Tag Lines : Who is your foe?
Do you know who your enemy is?

Plot Summary : Shaw is an operative because the United Nations’ classified dirty-tricks squad, by lane of espionage as in any case as quasi-ethical tactics to buckle harmony as in any case as cooperation. When a shipping cartridge packed with deadened Vietnamese refugees turns wide awake on the docks as in any case as China’s ambassador is gunned slurp at a feast raving it up an added vocation accordance also China as in any case as the US, Shaw is framed because the murder as in any case as must stay away from the FBI as in any case as Triad gangsters to determine whatever is essentially surging on.

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