The Blood Bond (2010)

Director : Michael Biehn

Genre : Action, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) , Michael Biehn as John Tremayne , Simon Yam as Commander Chow , Phoenix Chou as Deva , Emma Pei as Guang Di , Jennifer Blanc as Jesse , Xiao Keng Ye as Bagwun , Michael Wong , Thomas Ho as Chang , Lawrence Lai as Lt. Leng , Dong Fu Lin as Captain Trayng , Kenny Lo as Nico , Zhang Lanxin , Ridwan Amir as Brando , Ban-ya Choi as Hot Biker Chick rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Pete Wong as Lt. Wuche

Plot : A world-renowned psychological boss arrives inside the Asian countryside of Purma to fall to pieces a sermonizing to the faithful… See more » |

Country : USA | China

Language : English

Filming Locations : Ace Studios, Nanhai, China

Company : Ace Studios

Plot Summary : A world-renowned mental chief arrives inside the Asian realm of Purma to crumble a preaching to the faithful. Accompanying him is a retinue of monks along with attendants, in addition to his inner most bodyguard, Deva, a striking Eurasian damsel along furthermore wonderful physical prowess. As presently since Bagwun along with his make merry wind unsleeping at their hotel, they are attacked by assassins relishes a insurrection terrorist group. Wounded, Bagwun demand to submit to a life-saving undertaking inside twelve hours. However, his blood species is thus unique that hardly a twosome of donors would troth sized up who would wind unsleeping at the funds inside term to help. Rebel chief Lompoc obtains the similar information, along with has his agents eradicate off the donors one-by-one. Deva gets statistics regarding a conceivable 7th donor inside a foreign village inside the North, along with she decides to courageous the precarious vacation by myself into the guerrilla-held badlands. There, she finds the preceding conceivable donor whose blood would excepting Bagwun: a drunken, embittered earlier Special Forces operative described John Tremayne.

In a war-torn Asian land, calm lies inside the manpower of the Bagwun, a treasured religious leader. When he is bruised inside an assassination attempt, his sworn protector, Deva, forms out on a precarious trip to rate the lone grown grown woman who could furnish the unique blood genre desirable to until her master’s life. The prospects donor is John Tremayne (Biehn), an embittered create US Special Forces operative. Together, this unlikely duo must stream the gauntlet laid slurp by revolt boss Lompoc (Yam) also his aide Guang Di (Pei).

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