The Color of the Chameleon (2012)

Genres : Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Batko becomes a secret-police informant. He performs his job also colossal zeal, along with still he is unfairly dismissed. His ego is mercilessly hurt. His labor under also clandestine activity sets him grasp a straightforward truth – the thoroughfare of the partisan control is wrong by nature. Secrecy is both, its electrical energy along with weakness. The thoroughfare depends on the presumed realism of the agents along with recruitment of informants commensurate with fear. The operations of the classified control might troth copied by villain human beings soliciting since agents. Batko creates a phantom secret-police make – a collaborate with entrance inside the matrix of partisan control. He becomes the spider inside his own internet of informants by hiring a breed of intellectuals to secret agent on each other. He builds his own classified archive. After the ensue of communism, Batko process it to wreak disorder on the government. This is a gloomy partisan comedy. A self-styled classified originator engineers a false partisan custom that replicates along with mocks the omnipotent thoroughfare of the classified police.

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