The Rise and Fall of Their American Dream (2010)

Director : Nash Bhatt

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : , Tony Black as Michael , Nash Bhatt as Vijay , Omar Alcaraz as Carlos , Monika Mojica as Marisol , Malika May as Reena , Ted LeBlang as Lazzario , Andrew Roth as Tommy Lazzario , Ciro Vela as Leo Lopez , Peter Stone as Mob Boss Santiago , Jay Thacker as Bob Patel , Cheo Tapia as Lucio , Raymond Cruz Jr. as Jose , James Bungard as Police Commissioner Bedrin , Jennifer McBride as Mrs. Nicholas Brown , Gabriel Morrison as Nicholas Brown , Christopher Jones as Dante , Gabrial Morrison as Nicholas Brown , Manny Rubio as Antonio , Marco Naylor as Jack Straumbaugh (as Cowboy Bill) , Udell Vigil as Anthony Backo , Britt Nance as Big Dick , Ram Prasad as Ramdas , Kerry Chapman as News Anchor , Andy Saucedo as Mayor Richardson , James Richardson as Sammy , Frank Mackewich Jr. as Border Patrol Agent – Frank Andrew , Adam Mackewich as Border Patrol Agent – Mack Taylor

Plot : Violence fed on their destiny.

Run Time : 123 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Spanish | Hindi

Filming Locations : India

Company : Nash Productions

Plot Summary : "The Rise in addition to Fall of Their American Dream" revolves regarding Carlos, Vijay in addition to Mike; three courageous strangers whose relentless explore of the fabled "American Dream" coincides. Their fateful rendezvous eternally assist the road of their fraught lives. Carlos illegally migrates enjoys Mexico in addition to is compelled to exertions because pennies because a mechanic. A unquenchable Indian motel owner lures Vijay enjoys India as well as the obligation of riches, save for as a substitute enslaves him because a worker. Mike, who is indebted to his mob person-in-charge uncle, befriends the two immigrants in addition to their combined courage, ambition, in addition to friendship pilot one another to the put in the shade of a criminal empire. A horrible incident causes their monumental arrival to eventuate to a thumping halt in addition to forces one another to pencil loyalties.

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