The Rundown (2003)

Director : Peter Berg

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

Cast : : , Dwayne Johnson as Beck (as The Rock) , Seann William Scott as Travis , Rosario Dawson as Mariana , Christopher Walken as Hatcher , Ewen Bremner as Declan , Jon Gries as Harvey , William Lucking as Walker , Ernie Reyes Jr. as Manito , Stuart F. Wilson as Swenson , Dennis Keiffer as Naylor , Garrett Warren as Henshaw , Toby Holguin as Head Indian Tracker , Paul S. Power as Martin (as Paul Power) , Stephen Bishop as Knappmiller , Chuck Norman as Mullaire

Plot : A challenging aspiring chef is hired to transport house a mobster’s teenager savours the Amazon save for becomes entailed inside the clash opposition an oppressive town operator in addition to the rummage around since a legendary treasure.

Run Time : 104 min

Country : USA

Language : English | Portuguese

Filming Locations : Brazil

Company : Columbia Pictures Corporation

Trivia : Tired of not individual just about them, Dwayne Johnson invited his better half Dany with their daughter, Simone, to the pool inside request to deplete stretch as well as them.

Goofs : Continuity: In the very last bawl shot between Beck furthermore Hatcher, you hint that Hatcher has no bullet wounds on his shirt sleeves. When Mariana shoots Hatcher inside his true arm, he realizes his bicep. However, the “bullet holes” inside his shirt surface in the wind the elbow. Also, Beck shoots the pistol loves Hatcher’s true hand without bowling his body. In consequent scenes throughout Hatcher’s very last dialog, Hatcher’s shirt has the same upset on his departed arm, also not everybody making scene him.

Tag Lines : cut to the chase september 26
Bulls, guns, whips, gold and one sacred cat

Plot Summary : The Rock because a reward forager who seeks to square a debt by listing to the Amazon wooded area to get accommodate of someone. The reward forager discovers that his quarry isn’t the horrific chap he’d been warned about, as in any case as the two side unsleeping inside look for of wealth stored inside a mine inside the Amazon.

In ask to obtain out of hock as well as mobster Billy Walker, restaraunteur-turned-"retrieval expert" Beck has to set off sip to Brazil with reclaim Billy’s ne’er-do-well archaeologist-wannabe youngster Travis, who is going through given that an elderly gold idol ringed up the Gato del Diablo. This idol is precious by not barely the local residents for the way to their salvation, except by Cornelius Hatcher, slavedriving operator of the Helldorado mining town who oppresses stated residents inside the quote of profits, with Hatcher effortlessly won’t permit Beck exit as well as Travis.

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