The Yellow Wallpaper (2010)

Director : Logan Thomas

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Aric Cushing as Dr. John Weiland , Juliet Landau as Charlotte Weiland , Dale Dickey as Jennie Gilman , Veronica Cartwright as Catherine Sayer , Michael Moriarty as Mr. Isaac Hendricks , Raymond J. Barry as Dr. Jack Everland , Jessi Case as Sarah Weiland at age 8 , Gena Kay as Colleen Preston , Joseph Williamson as Travis Preston , Keller Wortham as David Kilbourne – Duellist , Alex Schemmer as Peter Ware , Ted Manson as Sage at Duel , Sharon Blackwood as Mrs. Foucolt at Tea Party , Stephanie Wing as Mrs. Tremayne at Tea Party , Holly Stevenson as Mrs. Steele at Tea Party , Cindy Pain as Mrs. Daygeron at Tea Party , Margie Mack as Rat Woman , Bob King as Rat Man , Pieter Kloos as Eckhart van Wakefield , Earl Maddox as Burn in Hell Man , Kyla Kenedy as Sarah Weiland at age 3 , Greg Beaton as Dark Mass , Fara Eve Soleil as 17th Century Woman , Thomas Rouzer as Mysterious Man in House , Wayne Dutton as Carriage Driver , Zane Hoover as Bystander at Duel , Oliver R. Smith as William – Bystander at Duel , Brian Bremer as Man in Field (scenes deleted) , Michael Villar as Extra – Town Local at Fire , Jerry Capener as Extra – Town Local at Fire , Carol Kraft as Town Local at Fire , Dillon Morse as Boy at fire , P. David Miller as Town Local other cast: , Tara Samuel

Plot : A dark, Gothic thriller, dependent on Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s revolutionary shortest tale of the matching name. |

Run Time : 115 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Company : Nostromo Entertainment

Plot Summary :

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